Harry Styles Releases Video For “Golden”

How else does one love a curly headed pop star but obsessively? 

With less than 24 hours under its belt, the new music video for Harry Styles’ “Golden” has already racked up 15 million views. I believe that makes it a certified hit.

Rumors of a forthcoming “Golden” video first started when the singer was spotted prancing about the Italian coast in a number of different fancy outfits. Though it seems like an activity Styles might regularly get up to, even without a camera crew, fans knew best and the video finally dropped yesterday afternoon. “Golden” is the first track off Styles’ sophomore album “Fine Line.”

In the video, he can be seen running down a country road in S.S.Daley’s pleat fronted shirt from the AW20 collection, and Bode Feedsack shorts. Most of the other items are, of course, Gucci, as Styles has had a longstanding relationship with the brand and its creative director, Alessandro Michele. The two attended the Met Gala together last year, seemingly cementing their fashion collaboration for years to come.

Additional small details, all pulled together by Styles’ stylist, also named Harry (Lambert), include a nude moiré beret by James Pink Studio, and custom necklaces by éliou that read “Golden.” Very on theme. These expensive, hand-curated outfits are all tied together with a pair of incredibly dirty white vans, presumably the singer’s own. It’s unclear whether this choice was made for effect or comfort, but either way, they can be spotted when Styles perches delicately on top of a car at the end of the video.

Aside from the many fashion moments™, “Golden” is mostly a study on how many cute faces Styles can flash the camera in just under three and a half minutes. The answer is many, many adorable faces. Fans are sure to diligently snap a picture of each one and cherish them until the next video comes along, as is the nature of dedicated fandoms. How else does one love a curly-headed pop star but obsessively?

Watch the new video below.

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