Harry Styles’ Wildest Twitter Trends Thus Far

Every time he cuts his hair or blows his nose he seems to trend on twitter.

This morning, when you open up your phone and peek at the trending topics, you may notice #goldeniscoming or #wearegolden. “What’s this?” you may ask. Well, it’s Harry Styles. Is it ever anything else? Every time he cuts his hair or blows his nose he seems to trend on Twitter. It may be that his fans rarely get a peek at the elusive singer off-duty, so their passion bubbles up inside them only to be released on an unexpecting pair of gloves or knit sweater. It might also be that Harry just has that special something that’s kept him in the spotlight for the better part of a decade. Either way, in honor of his latest trending topic, let’s take a look back at some of the wildest, most unpredictable trends of his career.



Way back in 2014, during the late hours of the night, a young Harry Styles favorited a NSFW photo with the caption “:p oops RETWEET if you’d lick me clean ;).” Fans immediately took notice of the mistake and trended #HarryDontLickAnything. Either the sheer force of their upset, or more likely someone from his PR team, woke the singer up and damage control consisted of a “Sooo….the weather?” tweet and liking some pictures of kittens instead. The evidence of his youthful horniness still remains on his account to this day.




In 2015 Harry took a now infamous dive on stage, leading to the hashtag #OhNoHarry, a spin-off of #OhNoNiall, a callback to his former bandmate Niall Horan’s fall on national golf news. After the spill, Harry did ask the audience to delete any evidence of his unfortunate stumble, but alas it lives on to haunt him forever in video, gif, and hashtag form.



The #HarryBeCareful trend has a complicated and danger-filled history. In 2012 a mysterious figure known only as “Mr. X” began taunting the One Direction fandom with threatening riddles and messages. After some of the bizarre predictions came true, the threat on Harry’s life began to seem more convincing. “The one with the birds on his chest won’t last much longer,” it read (a reference to some of Harry’s tattoos). Obviously Harry is still alive and well, but rumors of guns being found at the foretold concert and guesses at Mr. X’s identity are still floating around in fandom lore.



This may have been the peak of Harry’s solo-artist twitter trends. On October 5, 2019 the singer simply tweeted “Do,” leading to a number of twitter meltdowns, most notably “DO WHAT.” Nobody knew what he meant. Chaos reigned. In an interview a while later, he revealed that he had sent the tweet in a sleepy haze and didn’t even remember why. Perhaps it had something to do with his slogan “Do you know who you are,” which featured heavily in the promo for his second album? Who’s to say how the complex brain of a pop star actually works.


Hampsteadharry on Tumblr

Harry, like all of us, tried a new hairstyle during quarantine. The singer grew a mustache, sparking elation in some fans, and hatred in others. After a few pictures of his furry lip were released online, “THE MUSTACHE” began to trend. Some wanted to sit on it, others wanted to personally shave it off. Either way, it’s gone now, but never forgotten.



Just yesterday, photos of Harry with some fans in LA were released. He will soon begin working on the upcoming film “Don’t Worry Darling,” in The Golden State, and that’s likely what caused him to opt for a shorter haircut. Once again, fans were split on his grooming decisions and “HE CUT HIS HAIR” quickly hit the charts. It’s hard to imagine a life where every strand of your hair is imbued with such importance, but the man carries his burden well.

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