Haus Laboratories is Lady Gaga’s Very Own Makeup Line

“Our Haus. Your Rules.”

After the big announcement in early July followed by much anticipation from celebrity fans and beauty aficionados alike, Lady Gaga has finally launched her own beauty line.

In addition to the six collections and individual products that were unveiled earlier this summer, the brand is releasing three additional products today: Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner, an extremely black “Matter Than Matte” liner; Armor Wingtips, reusable stickers in the shape of eyeliner flicks and No.1 Face Masque Armor — a more ornate kind of face sticker that will make others believe you’re a part-time Mehndi wizard.

 The label launch event took place in Santa Monica on Monday night. More than 500 attendees including influences like Nikita Dragun and Patrick Starr showed face, and gathering kicked off with a special DJ set courtesy of the Mother Monster herself.

“I have always, even prior to my career, wanted to spread love around the world,” Gaga said in her speech. “At first I found that way through music, but it was the discovery of makeup that helped me transform into the artist and person I always wanted to be. It helped me to love myself. No matter what.”

Gaga’s line makes the tedious makeup application process easier than ever. Pro tip: if you’re unsure about your eyeliner skills (I know I am), the stick-on eyeliner might very well become your go-to easy solution. 

The project was made in collaboration with Sarah Tanno, Gaga’s longtime makeup artist and global artistry director of Haus Laboratories. “It was really important to Gaga to bring these tricks and things she’s fallen in love with to consumers in a different way,” Tanno said. “What we don’t want is a bunch of people trying to go look like Lady Gaga. We want you to use these tools that we’ve created for you to express yourself in whatever way that is, whether that’s wearing very little making or building a persona for the day.”

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