Heart-to-Heart With Model Delilah Parillo

The Next LA model talks fashion, beauty and the future in this exclusive V interview.

Fashion and beauty has a new name, and it’s Delilah Summer Parillo.

The Next LA model has made waves on Instagram, where selfies, photoshoots, and aesthetic outfit photos have gone viral many times over, bringing an extra dash of sunshine to the explore page or your feed.

Now, the Internet’s favorite beachy blonde model is sitting down to share with V—from fashion essentials to beauty tips to what’s on her Christmas list, read on for our interview with Delilah Parillo and see her shoot below.

V MAGAZINE: What’s one thing you can’t live without? Why?

DELILAH PARILLO: My alone time. It’s so necessary for me! Oh, and I like my bed a lot too.

V: Can you tell us about your favorite fashion piece in your closet? Why?

DP: Hmmm this is difficult. I love collecting pieces. I have a really great Chanel ’95 pink suit set Claudia Schiffer wore in the campaign (with matching underwear!) Also anything from YSL Russian collection!

V: If you can describe your style in three words—what would they be?

DP: I think my style can be described as classic, glamorous, and maybe… American? I love an evening look but I also love simple shorts and a t-shirt. I also love to play up the season. This summer I had a straw bag I got from Tahiti I wore every day. I’ve been wearing lots of holiday dresses recently. And little black velvet shoes.

V: What’s on your wishlist this year?

DP: I wouldn’t mind some earrings from a certain Santa.

V: What’s been your lockdown routine?

DP: I haven’t been spending much time in Los Angeles which has been nice. In the warmer months, I was gardening and then going to the beach a lot. Of course, I was cooking every day which I got very sick of. I watched a lot of YouTube documentaries to keep from going crazy.

V: Can you give one pro-beauty tip everyone should know?

DP: A little bronzer always makes me feel sexier without looking like I’m wearing anything.

V: What are you hopeful for in 2021?

DP: I hope I can see all my friends and family like before. We can all sit on the couch together and not question it. And I hope that everyone that has had such hardship this year can find relief and new opportunity.

V: Do you have any 2021 goals or resolutions? What are they?

DP: I can’t wait to start working again. I think I became a little ungrateful about my day-to-day and I appreciate it so much more now. I want to get back out there with a new attitude.

Delilah wears Saint Laurent Dress
Chanel tights
Prada shoes
Delilah wears Prada coat, skirt, necklace, shoes
Chanel tights
Delilah wears Prada coat, skirt, necklace, shoes
Chanel tights
Delilah wears Marc Jacobs coat, dress, and gloves
Delilah wears Marc Jacobs coat, dress, and gloves
Delilah wears Chanel dress and tights
Delilah wears Gucci dress
Chanel tights
Delilah wears Saint Laurent dress
Delilah wears Saint Laurent dress
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