Hedi Slimane Gets Personal With New Celine Fragrance

Hedi Slimane’s new Celine fragrance showcases his roots and beloved keynotes, emanating through its scents, physicality, and ultimate creation.

As part of its perfume collection, Celine just premiered their newest fragrance, Rimbaud. The perfume comes in three different sizes, including the line’s standard 100ml and 200ml, along with a 15ml replenishment from Celine’s Travel Spray line.

Rimbaud’s name gained inspiration from highly acclaimed French poet Arthur Rimbaud who gained widespread recognition for his impact on the Surrealist movement during the 1800s. Its all-embracing creation radiates scents that represent an abstract representation and homage to Rimbaud and French literature.

Conceptualized and captured by Hedi Slimane, Celine’s newest fragrance holds dear to him. The motifs of elemental youthfulness, existence beyond gender, human vulnerability on a continuum in the middle of young and old, along with its embodiment of the French ethos and roots, rekindle with one another, aligning with Slimane’s most treasured thesis’s. Its overall composition fuses these components that universally involve literature and writing.

Slimane embodies his roots through visual composition, such as with his Summer 2022 collection. This assemblage signified a seasonal getaway on the country’s coast, with shades of taupe and white, combined with botanic designs, often accompanied by darker hues of black or army green to create a fresh look. These details are discernable within this new fragrance, highlighting these foundational roots.

The Celine fragrance formulation, with lavender and iris aromas, Slimane’s most cherished, come together in conjunction with Celine’s ‘powder’ hallmark present within its Haute Parfumerie Collection in its entirety. Rimbaud’s bottle in a rectangular form personifies the eminent art of French glassmaking with an ornate style inspired by Classicism in the 17th century, with visibility adorned on each of the fragrance’s respective sides and its varnished cap.

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