Destiny's Child? Is That You?

Destiny's Child? Is That You?

The rose emoji and @roseivyou has the world at a loss and at its fingertips.

The rose emoji and @roseivyou has the world at a loss and at its fingertips.

Text: AJ Longabaugh

It has been one week since a mysterious account titled @roseivyou appeared on Instagram and everyone believes Queen B has something to do with it:

The initial post features vocals that sound eerily similar to the stylings and tone of Beyoncé and was later debunked as lyrics from her track "Grown Woman". Another key figure creating conversation surrounding the accountant is Kelly Rowland who has been a huge fan of the rose emoji as of late:

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Over the past week a total of nine posts have crafted different ingredients including blurred black and white portraits, the code, and the account following only 5 people: Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Nicki Minaj, Netflix, and Tidal. Putting the pieces together I've come to one conclusion: IV = 4, 2 roses = 2 people, Beyonce + Kelly Rowland = Destiny's Child. You guys Destiny's Child is coming.

THEORY: With three studio albums under their belt "The Writings On the Wall", "Survivor", and "Destiny Fulfilled" under their belts, Destiny's Child may be ready to deliver their fourth studio album.

Also, I dare you to go to WHAT. THE. FUCK.

I may be completely off here, but who in their right mind could possibly oppose a D.C. revival? Ok we may be on the brink of losing our minds, so stay tuned for any and all updates regarding all things @roseivyou.

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