The Aleppo Crisis: How to Help the Victims and Their Rescuers

The Aleppo Crisis: How to Help the Victims and Their Rescuers

The organizations that need our support now more than ever.

The organizations that need our support now more than ever.

As more and more devastating news rolls out about the atrocities of Aleppo—this week especially—it's more pertinent than ever to support the agencies working to save and protect the victims of war. We round up five organizations that could use your help now. For a full in-depth explanation of the crisis in Aleppo, read the BBC coverage here.

The White Helmets

Also known as the Syria Civil Defense, this non-governmental organization works to rescue survivors from building rubble. Volunteers are mostly distinguishable by their white helmets. Donations to the fund go towards supplies like fire extinguishers and safety goggles, and donations to the "hero fund" go towards medical care of injured White Helmets, as well as supporting the families of fallen volunteers.

Syria Relief

This charity "provides crisis humanitarian relief and plant the seeds of sustainable development for the people of Syria." Most notably, Syria Relief has started a mental health center, which provides treatment to the traumatized (mentally and physically), as well as providing medical prosthesis to the injured. Beyond medical treatment, the organization provides shelter, food, and education.

Hand In Hand For Syria

Founded at the beginning of the war, in 2011, the charity distributes emergency aid (food, clothing, water, sanitation, medical) to those living in danger zones. Hand In Hand also works as actionable implementation partners with other agencies and charities.

Doctors Without Borders

This well-known non-governmental organization has consistently provided medical relief to war-torn regions since the '70s. Currently, DWB is staffing 8 different hospitals in Aleppo, where few medical professionals remain. While they are no longer able to access the city center, DWB runs six medical centers across Syria.

The International Rescue Committee 

Since fleeing the city center, to nearby Al Dana, the IRC has turned its efforts towards providing food and emergency supplies to the displaced families of Aleppo. The IRC site claims to "provide lifesaving support to over 1.4 million people—half of them children—who are struggling to survive a brutal war."

Credits: Cover Image: The White Helmets


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