Here Are Some of The Best Bags for Back to School Fall ’22

A not-so-boring back to school haul for the eagerly practical and strictly chic

Another summer, another September looming. It’s back to school time and you know what that means: Tests, flashcards, that trusty water bottle you swear you’ll wash every night. Not to worry, V knows what’s really important, and we won’t let you go one more year without the school bag of your dreams. Need a tote? Designer backpack? How about something to double as your airplane carry-on? Whatever it is, V have you covered. Keep reading for six top choices for this year’s school go-to bag.

Dora Backpack – The Ragged Priest, $65

Let’s start with something traditional. Slouchy, bright; Something with two straps to hold up those way-too-heavy textbooks and a notebook or two. This cargo utilitarian backpack in light pink is a great option for long days on the go, without sacrificing an outfit.

Shop the Dora Backpack here

Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

F426 Cassette Duffle Bag – Projectisr, $89

Okay, we know; The backpack craze just isn’t what it used to be, but you can’t pretend you don’t have plenty to carry. Lucky for you, totes are a must-have this school season, and we know tons. This puffy duffle tote is perfect for fitting your laptop and other essentials, and it’s a staple from high quality streetwear brand Projectisr. In this 20 by 14 inch bag, you’ll have more space than you need. Check out this fun option in green, pink, cream, and black.

Shop the Cassette Duffle here

Image Courtesy of Projectisr

Utility Pro Non-Dyed Backpack – Adidas, $60

V can’t complain going back to basics, at least when basics look like this. This Adidas backpack may be simple, but when it comes to practicality there’s nothing better than a look you trust. This option is made from recycled polyester and includes a laptop sleeve with plenty of extra pockets. Perfect for work, school, and even the airport, this backpack will make you glad you kept things clean.

Shop the Utility Pro Non-Dyed Backpack here

Image Courtesy of Adidas

Cotton Tsuno Bag – Ground Cover, $120

Time to switch it up again. The classic tote is going nowhere this year, and let’s be real; you’d sacrifice a laptop sleeve and extra pockets now and then for something to match your vibe. Good news: With this sustainably crafted tote bag, you certainly won’t be giving up quality. This adjustable cotton bag is the great slouchy accessory for your upcoming autumn days— A shoulder bag or crossbody, you decide.

Shop the Cotton Tsuno Bag here

Image Courtesy of Ground Cover

Joyrider Nylon Backpack – See by Chloe, $325

We promised variety, and here it is. What’s a must-have bag list without one designer option, anyways? This puffy nylon bag with a drawstring closure is a perfect option for the understated fashion-lover. Complete with a charm and voluminous pockets, this choice is the epitome of practical chic.

Shop the Joyrider Nylon Backpack here

Image Courtesy of Revolve

Borealis Mini Backpack – The North Face, $59

Finally, a pop of color to end it all; Another classic from a brand your school essentials know and love. Don’t be fooled by the name, this “mini” backpack is just the right size for all a day’s needs. A star on TikTok, this option is available in 12 colors, from white and grey to pink and blue.

Shop the Borealis Mini Backpack here

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