The Barbie movie hit theaters this past weekend, breaking box office records and bringing a pink wave with it. Everyone has got Barbie fever and people are taking to social media to give their own review of the film. Here’s what everyone has been saying about the movie of the summer:

People have been raving about Barbie’s one-of-a-kind Chanel moments. This vintage Chanel necklace is the perfect piece for this feminist fashionista.

The Barbie movie was really a family affair. The film was a tear-jerker for all audiences regardless of age or gender.

This father-daughter viewing was captured and the internet is loving this heart-warming moment. This guy brings the term “girl-dad” to a whole new level.

Barbie and Ken are great, but everyone is loving Micheal Cera’s character Allan. We stan a man who can be like Allan.

Even the famed movie director Quentin Tarantino took part in the Oppenheimer/Barbie double feature.

This iconic meme is circulating Twitter, and we think presidential pink should definitely present at the capital this season.

Box Office numbers are in and Barbie has come out on top. The long-awaited battle of Oppenheimer vs. Barbie has proven that Barbie really is everything…and he is just Ken.

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