This week’s highly-anticipated Saturday Night Live episode certainly did not disappoint. Since the iconic series announced actor and previous VMAN cover star Jacob Elordi as the host alongside Reneé Rapp as the musical guest last month, fans of both entertainers have been waiting with bated breath for the episode to air. The quintessentially Gen Z episode was a success, as the Saltburn and Priscilla star made a charismatic host while Rapp stunned with two live performances, giving fans a myriad of moments to buzz over on social media.

The multihyphenate showcased her vocal prowess with “Snow Angel,” the title track from her debut album. Beginning her performance by lying down onstage, she displayed immense vocal control and precision as she softly sang the first verse and chorus. As the emotionally raw song progressed, audiences got a taste of her Broadway background when she belted out the bridge and then seamlessly transitioned to almost a whisper, making an extremely difficult number to perform live appear effortless.

After returning from a commercial break, fans were shocked to see none other than Rachel McAdams–best known for her portrayal of Regina George in the original 2004 Mean Girls film–onstage. In a rare public appearance, the star introduced Rapp’s second musical performance of “Not My Fault,” her original song on the Mean Girls movie musical’s soundtrack, where Rapp reprises her iconic role as Regina George in the Broadway musical. Given that McAdams has seemingly distanced herself from the franchise–unlike her costars Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert, who reunited in a Walmart Black Friday commercial back in November–this endorsement of Rapp’s portrayal stood out as a notable moment, passing the torch from one Regina to another.

But the surprise appearances didn’t end there, as midway through the performance, the one and only Megan Thee Stallion revealed herself inside a giant pink cake onstage to rap her iconic verse on the track in a full-circle moment. The Houston native has famously referred to herself as the “Black Regina George” throughout her career, beginning on her debut EP Make It Hot in 2017. She shared a photo on Instagram of Rapp, McAdams, and herself posing to recreate the viral Spiderman meme, writing “all the Reginas in one room.”

Rapp also appeared alongside Elordi and Bowen Yang in a standout sketch of the evening. Yang and Elordi portrayed “professional lip-readers” who attempted to decode viral moments–from Golden Globes conversations to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce–on a fictional Entertainment Tonight segment. Rapp played herself as their intern, poking fun at her viral moments while doing press for Mean Girls: “I’ve been going absolutely off in every single interview lately, so now I have to do 40 hours of court-ordered media training.”

This week’s SNL episode proved it still has what it takes to draw in Gen Z crowds – with impressive performances, hilarious skits, and surprise cameos, Rapp and Elordi were a fantastic choice.

Cover photography by Will Heath/NBC via Getty Images

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