In collaboration with New Zealand artist and athlete, Parris Goebel, Nike hosted “Goddess Awakened”, a 40-minute performance choreographed, directed, and led by Goebel alongside more than 30 Nike collaborators on July 5th in Paris for its Paris Fashion Week show. This performance put a spotlight on the celebration of femininity and womanhood in self-expression, creativity, and in sport, all encapsulated through the dance inspired by the Greek goddess of victory, eponymous with the brand name. 

Ushering a new evolvement for the Nike Women brand, the performance unveiled pieces and looks reflecting snippets of what can be expected from the brand forthcoming in the future. Pieces included those from female Nike collaborators such as Martine Rose, Yoon Ahn, and Feng Chen Wang, showcasing striking colors and silhouettes that blended harmoniously in conveying style,  creative expression, inclusivity, and movement through the female perspective. 

In joining forces with Goebel for this experience and showcase, Nike aimed to demonstrate its commitment in globally leading as a ‘champion’ for women and girls, expanding and supporting female empowerment exhibited through the brand’s womenswear. 

Courtesy of Nike

Watch the “Goddess Awakened” performance below!

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