Here’s What You Missed From Stockholm Fashion Week Day 3

Six designers presented new collections yesterday in a digital masterpiece of design.

Stockholm Fashion Week saw its sleek and chic third digital day yesterday with presentations by Lexington, Hunkydory, Lugot, Skultuna, Swedish Stockings and Chimi Eyewear. 

Brands saw an array of styles and palettes, from the warm-toned, refined neutrals of Lexington to the dainty, bright jewelry by Lugot, wrapping up with fun and vibrant playful-wear by Swedish Stockings. 



Image via Lexington


A premium global lifestyle brand, Lexington presented a New England-inspired collection at Stockholm Fashion Week, bringing classic American styles with a Scandinavian twist. Sustainable pieces with high-quality tailoring and materials merge with timeless everyday looks and pieces meant to be mixed, matched and layered for a sweet, summery collection recalling new possibilities and evoking the spirit of mother nature. In neutral, warm hues with crisp tailoring and sharp silhouettes, Lexington’s collection is for the elevated, contemporary urban citizen.



Image via Hunkydory

Effortlessly cool style gets a chic new look evoking ‘70s icons with Hunkydory’s FW21 collection. With high quality garments that surpass trends, classic pieces are given statement silhouettes and elegant touches for a contemporary tone, playing with denim and knit, leather and cotton for seamless suaveness. 



Image via Lugot

A Stockholm-based company that collaborates with family-owned workshops in Arezzo, Italy, Lugot’s pieces fall perfectly somewhere between vintage and contemporary, bridging old and new for small-batch collections. Sea shell necklaces and freshwater earrings evoke the sea, recalling nature and the elements of the outdoors. Fluid and regal, Lugot’s dainty, feminine designs are timeless classics. 



Image via Skultuna

With over 400 years of hardware experience in their pocket, it is no wonder Skultuna’s presentation at Stockholm Fashion Week was a hit. Stemming from centuries of craftsmanship and newly focused modern innovation, the OPAQUE OBJECTS x MARTIN BERGSTRÖM collection is inspired by space and the stars. The once-brass mill company reached into the past, drawing inspiration from the forest, the meteorite that struck close to Skultana, to create an aesthetically stunning collection of rings and bracelets fit for a king or queen.


Swedish Stockings

Image via Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings aims to change the industry of hosiery, gearing it toward sustainability—and with looks this fresh, it’s a wonder that the mission isn’t already achieved. Design and creativity are far from sacrificed in the face of ethically produced garments, inspired by the vibrant flowers of nature and the blues, greens and pinks of spring. The collection plays with color blocking and fabrics—quilted shorts and sheer tights are paired with rainbow one-pieces and stunning, loud red-and-pink blazers for truly unique and eye-catching designs.


Chimi Eyewear

Image via Chimi Eyewear

With 10 new styles in an earthy-hued collection, Chimi Eyewear presents pieces that are both timeless and progressive. The vision of the future is seen in symmetrical, sleek frames in varying shapes, from bold rectangles to innovative, sharp-edged ovals. 

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