Picture this: it’s 1995. Clueless starring Alicia Silverstone hits theaters everywhere, R&B girl group TLC drops their signature track “Waterfalls”, and Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, is going through a continuous style revival before the world’s very eyes. Think coordinating tweed suits, the ultimate “revenge dress”, and the welcoming of a new handbag that instantly became a must-have due to Diana’s impact. Named after the woman who embodied the spirit of the bag, the Lady Dior bag made its introduction in the crook of Lady Di’s arm while in Paris for the opening of the Paul Cézanne retrospective at the Grand Palais. And since then, the Lady Dior has been a coveted item from the house’s wide range of offerings since its dazzling debut.

LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM – NOVEMBER 07: Princess Diana Arriving At The Liverpool Women’s Hospital, Merseyside. Her Suit Is By Versace And Her Handbag By Dior. (Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

Serving as a crown jewel for the French fashion house, the Lady Dior bag embodies all the spirit and skills of the artisans in the Dior ateliers—crafted in sumptuous leather, intricately stitched and modeled after the house’s emblematic cannage pattern, and topped off with the delicate jingle of the “DIOR” charms placed under the front handle. Throughout the years, the legendary bag has evolved season after season, uniquely interpreted by the creative directors who have entered the house since. With the mind of Maria Grazia Chiuri, the bag has been redesigned with new formats, from the Lady D-Lite to the Lady D-Joy, and boldly reinvented with colorways and patterns. With the Lady Dior As Seen By and Dior Lady Art projects continuing to celebrate the bag’s cultural impact, it’s no wonder why the bag has gone on to serve as the perfect gift for the lady in everyone’s lives.

When I purchased my first Lady Dior bag in 2018, I was stunned by how much it would go on to become one of my own little style treasures. Having been a staple since it landed in my wardrobe, the bag has been with me through all my style chapters throughout my early twenties. Paired with looks that go from streetwear to cocktail attire, I’ve discovered that the Lady Dior bag’s power lies in its versatility to adapt to the user without compromising the elegance it undoubtedly exudes. Seeing the history of the bag go from the hands of Lady Di around the time I was born, to Rihanna on the streets of New York City, and JISOO as she attends fashion week in more recent times, the bag also proves how well it compliments women of all ages.

As we inch closer to the holidays with shoppers looking to grab that perfect classic bag for their loved ones, V asked a few friends of Dior to tell us about their earliest memories with the bag and why it has become a go-to for them throughout the years.


“My mother’s walk-in closet was my playground as a child. I was enamored by her treasure chest of garment wonders- the colors and fabrics and matching accessories. My mom displayed her bags on a shelf in the top right corner of the room, her black Lady Dior bag always sitting front and center. I would get on my tiptoes to reach the bag and secretly try it on. I always felt so pretty and confident, but mostly filled with this hope that I could someday be like my mother, the picture-perfect ideal woman. Now, 10 years later, as the owner of my own Lady Dior, the bag is a token of appreciation and adoration for my mother, while also being a representation of my own burgeoning womanhood and adulthood.”

Charlotte Groeneveld

“There are a few iconic bags I ALWAYS turn to and my Lady Dior bags are one of them, especially the micro size lately. The Lady Dior is such a classic and looks so classic with any outfit. Especially a good denim and big coat as styled in these photos.”


“This bag is timeless and fits seamlessly with every look. Adding a Lady Dior elevates every form of my style, even if it’s just running errands; it’s a statement piece that I’m constantly reaching for. When I received my first one as a Christmas gift from Dior, it felt like a welcome to womanhood. I hold it so dear as a coming of age for my sense of fashion.”


Marianna Hewitt | Co-Founder of Summer Fridays & Host of ‘Life With Marianna’ Podcast

“The Lady Dior bag is timeless and iconic. I can style it with any look, I love the quilted pattern and the mini size is my absolute favorite.”

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