Jorts are suddenly everywhere it seems—dominating the fashion scene for the second summer in a row. With no signs of disappearing soon, the jorts have prompted curiosity about the ever-evolving art of styling these iconic long denim shorts and the origins of this ‘new’ trend.

Originally known as waist overalls, jeans gained popularity during the Gold Rush due to the high demand for sturdy workwear. However, jean shorts, or “jorts,” only became part of fashion around 50 years ago during the counterculture movement of the 1960s. Before that, wearing shorts in public was frowned upon, and some cities even banned them. With the rise of the anti-authority mentality, people started cutting off the legs of their jeans to create shorts. 

Jorts quickly spread and became shorter over time. In the ’70s, they found a home in the punk scene, embraced by stars like Debbie Harry and Patti Smith. The trend continued to gain popularity, and in the late ’70s and mid-’80s, Catherine Bach famously wore those tiny, tiny jean shorts as Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard.

Nowadays, when we talk about ‘jorts’ we don’t necessarily mean all jean shorts—the term has transformed into the long style of jean shorts that are rooted in hip-hop culture.

In contrast to other types of jean shorts, jorts didn’t get big until the ’90s. From the Notorious B.I.G. to Aaliyah, Tupac to Mobb Deep, jorts were a staple in hip-hop culture. With the idea of baggier the better, the signature New York street style was ingrained in American culture.

As 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, it’s no surprise that the return of jorts is upon us, with rappers like A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, and Lil Yachty have been spotted recreating looks from the ‘90s era.

Once considered “dad shorts” in mainstream culture, jorts are now increasingly being embraced. From Kendall Jenner to both Hadid sisters, mainstream trendsetters have been signaling a return to the ’90s-style short—the jorts being deemed by the mainstream as a staple for the ‘model off-duty look’.

Who is really surprised that another trend has been taken from hip-hop culture, rebranded with a new inspiration and a forgotten history?  Whether you’re rocking the baggy jorts of the hip-hop legends or opting for a slimmer cut-off fit, jorts are a trend that will continue to resurface due to the timeless versatility of denim.

Style guide for the new era of jorts

Key styling takeaways: 

  • Don’t be afraid to show some underwear 
  • Little top and baggy pants mentality—your shirt needs to hit the waistline or above it so the fabric doesn’t drown you 
  • Many many ways to style with button downs

Just a short sleeve button down and my jorts against the world #whatimwearing #summeroutfits #jorts #outfitideas

♬ the way things go – beabadoobee

3 masculine looks to try:

  • Basic white T-shirt with a button-down shirt buttoned on the top button 

Jorts season is closing in 🙏🏼 ⭐️IG: AndrewSirna_⭐️ #jorts #menstyle #styleinspo #outfitinspo #stylingjorts

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  • Tank with underwear showing and sneakers

Some summer outfit inspo for you with my home made jorts and a plain white tank top 🔥 Tank top: @Hanes Jorts: @gap Belt: @Amazon Boots: @drmartensofficial Hat: @Tenshoppe LA Bag @amazon Would you rock this fit??? #outfitinspo #ootdfashion #streetstyle #summeroutfits #grwm #y2kfashion #fyp

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  • Jorts and a sweater vest

3 feminine looks to try:

  • Jorts and a tube top
  • One piece with skin showing 
  • Button-down shirt tied at the chest

currently heavily obsessed with my H&M jorts, i already know they r gonna b a staple allll summer! so here’s 7 ways ill be styling my jorts this summer 🫶🏼 #outfitinspo #ootd #summeroutfit

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