The latest chapter of Hermès Beauty has arrived, and it’s all about the eyes.

The beauty line’s newest offerings deliver six sultry eyeshadow shades that magnify the realms of beauty in a harmonious light, along with six compelling mascara shades that intensify the eyes. In collaboration with some of the House’s renowned experts including Creative Director for Hermès Beauty Gregoris Pyrpylis, Artistic Director Pierre-Alexis Dumas, and Creative Director for Hermès shoes and jewelry and designer of objects for Hermès Beauty Pierre Hardy, the collection creates a new language—expressing sentiments through make-up.

“In these palettes, there is something intimate and personal in terms of self-expression,” notes Pierre-Alexis Dumas. The six palettes included in the collection are each formed with four silk powder eyeshadows in pigmented shades ranging from natural to intense, incorporating some of the brand’s iconic colors. Each palette contains two round and two square eyeshadows in a unique geometric composition that reflects the Bauhaus style, oftentimes explored by the label.

Deriving from nature, the six shades include Ombres Pétales, a graceful hue with
a poetic floral heritage accentuated by the sultry innocence of shades of pink and plum, Ombres Végétales, Green foliage with an iridescent shimmer, an illuminated garden abundant with nature, Ombres Fauves, Amber notes that recall a silky fabric punctuated with a dazzling and ephemeral orange, like autumn sunlight, Ombres Marines, an intense blue full of dense and mysterious tones, like glimpses of the ocean, Ombres Fumées, stormy shades tinged with a cool light, fueling a dark presence with celestial accents, and Ombres Mordorées, a golden, light-filled
horizon with hints of bronze, like the glowing embers of autumn.

Taking inspiration from the silk métier, each eyeshadow formulation is constructed with at least 72% and up to 98% natural-origin ingredients, depending on the product and shade. The matte finish evokes silk chiffon, the satin finish indicates silk twill and the shimmering finish is reminiscent of silk lamé. Products are soft and light creating effortless application, comfortability, and longevity.

The “Le Regard” eyeshadow line is currently available on, starting at $108.

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