Hermès Liberates With SS21 Collection

Hermès women’s spring-summer 2021 collection features organically simple silhouettes and soft toned colorways.

Hermès women’s spring-summer 2021 collection arrives with a “rush of freedom” as its garments aim to re-connect the wearer with the outside world which has become increasingly distant due to the pandemic.

The collection grounds itself in organic colorways and textures that produce simple silhouettes. Neutral tones echo that of the natural world while occasional vibrant selections match the spring and summer seasons. Intrinsic details make their way onto a number of accessories including handbags, shoes and other other garments like jacket collars.

Hermès’ runway show was set in a Euro-classic environment surrounded with art by Berlin-based artist Claudia Wieser. Mirror’s reflected models’ looks for a socially distanced crowd wearing masks.



Etched lines are frequent in Hermès’ SS21 collection as the brand notes they “hug the body to better enhance it.” In this creamy colorway look, lines play a central role marking the shoulder and curving down the model’s torso. The bottom piece also features long-lined elements carrying across horizontally and vertically. Zippers carry the theme at the top of the bottom piece.



While the collection is grounded in simple silhouettes, details appear in unique places in some styles. Here, a jacket collar and sweater receive an intrinsically woven look. The leather collar is rolled and interacts well with designs that layer down the jacket’s opening. Hermès’ dedication to lines and exterior stitching in this collection are featured symmetrically on this jacket’s two sides. 



Accessories receive the ultimate Hermès’-liberated treatment in SS21. Modeled here, a traditional brown leather saddle is displayed as a handbag. The saddle comes equipped with an adjustable strap and multi-pocketed interior while maintaining a simply organic feel. 


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