HermèsFit Brings Style to Fitness

Prepare to experience the workout of your dreams.

Looking to get in a good workout this weekend? Do it with Hermès at HermèsFit in Williamsburg, an exhibition on display until Sunday, November 7th. Offering a variety of experiences from fitness classes to full-on interactive experiences, HermèsFit has it all ranging from friendly coaches to a lively DJ set and lively scene when the sun goes down. 

Classes offered at HermèsFit include Belt Stretching, Kickboxing with Bracelets, Mirror Mirror, Voguing with Hats and Carré Yoga. The classes combine our favorite Hermès accessories in a fun and active way pushing you to exercise in style. Leather accessories, hats and Hermès bracelets are given to you at the beginning of each class — though you can’t keep them — and used interactively through the exercise. 

The experience in total is supposed to last around 45-minutes, which includes the 20-minute unique fitness class as well as an exploration of the Juice Bar or a freshening up in the Beauty Lounge. The space is completely orange inlaid with various Hermès motifs on the walls including scarves and products on display throughout. A weight wall adorned with custom Hermès barbells and kettlebells also decorates the space along with a boxing ring and climbing wall.

Artistic performances and live sets begin at 6PM until closing, also inviting attendees to take photos in the photobooth to show off their #HERMESFIT moments.

Not limited to just New York, HermèsFit will also be located in Paris, Taipei and Shanghai in the future. The current experience is located at 60 North 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn and is open until Sunday from 11 A.M. to 8 A.M. with free admission. Reservations are required but walk-in entry is possible based on capacity.

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