Heron Preston Debuts First Full 3D Printed Sneakers

In collaboration with Zellerfeld, the leader of technology, Heron Preston announces the launch of his 3D printed sneaker “HERON01”.

Heron Preston is rethinking the future of footwear and is announcing the beginning of a new era through 3D printed shoe prototypes in the production world. HERON01 is the very first fully printed shoe in the world available to the public and recycled by Zellerfeld.

The comfortable, original and new collection is exploring technology, rethinking the design and fashion world and offering new perspective and a different lens leading to innovation.

“The HERON01 is just the beginning – with additive manufacturing, the potential is unlimited”, entrusted Heron Preston. “I was able to design & print functional and evolving prototypes in hours – with traditional manufacturing, this would have taken months. I can’t wait to print more shoes and updates.”


The excitement and dynamism of the creator made the collection vibrant, revolutionary and attractive. The concept is new but easy to use: “The HERON01 can be printed in standard sizes and can be custom fitted to any foot using an iPhone for a foot scan.” This process enables the quick elimination of glues and toxic materials, to make it turn into a more eco-conscious and recyclable system.

Available in three colorways , the shoes in limited release are shoppable on www.stockx.com and zellerfeld.com.

Heron01 is part of a campaign which is helping raise funds for a charity to help fighting child labour in the supply chain.

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