Highsnobiety Launches New Collection With Jacob & Co

The media platform releases new apparel, accessories and lifestyle goods, with the renowned jewelry and wristwatch brand.

Jacob Arabo is one of the biggest names in the luxury jewelry and wristwatch game. Having received his nickname, “Jacob the Jeweler”, from the late Notorious B.I.G., Arabo is know amongst everyone in the rap game. Arabo’s speciality is making custom luxury jewelry and wristwatches. Some of rap’s biggest names, such as Kanye West, Drake, and Pharrell Williams, all have pieces from Arabo. Now Arabo’s company, Jacob & Co, expand their horizons in a new collaboration with Highsnobiety.

For the collaboration, Jacob & Co expands beyond jewelry and wristwatches and enters the world of fashion. Known for their involvement in youth culture and streetwear, Highsnobiety brings the influence of Jacob & Co into one-of-a-kind of apparel, accessories and lifestyle goods. The collection draws inspiration from the quartz powered Five Time Zone watch collection that Jacob & Co released in 2002. It’s colorful and contemporary dials, and interchangeable bezels and straps are morphed into new graphics. They represent the New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Paris timezones. References to pieces worn by the aforementioned rappers are present throughout the collection as well.

For apparel, the pair bring their designs to varsity jacket, sweaters, sweatpants, tee-shirts. For the accessories and lifestyle goods, motifs from the Five Time Zone Watch collection create hats, ashtrays, and other goods. These objects have a heavy focus on New York culture. 

Jacob & Co hopes that this collections serves as the starting point for their expansion into luxury lifestyle items. Benjamin Arabov, an associate of Jacob & Co, said “ I saw an opportunity to expand our reach into luxury lifestyle clothing that could be inclusive and accessible. I am eager to share partnerships with marketplaces like Highsnobiety as an opportunity to elevate Jacob & Co into our fans’ everyday lifestyle.”

The Highsnobiety x Jacob & Co collection drops on Highsnobiety Shop on March 16. 



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