Hillier Bartley takes fashion week one step further with its Tuxedo Paperclip Earring capsule

The capsule comes with its own spy caper short to boot.

Hillier Bartley has always been about taking their approach to style a couple steps further. Or maybe even sideways. For this year’s fashion week releases, they’re introducing a new addition to their longstanding Paperclip Earring line, with the Tuxedo Paperclip Earring capsule.

Hillier Bartley’s Paperclip Earrings have been one of their most popular outputs since the brand launched in 2015. It acts as a symbol of the brand’s ability to mix classic feminine styles with a punk aesthetic, what they describe as “masculine elegance with rakish femininity.” 

This year, the Tuxedo Paperclip Earring capsule comes in three distinct Tuxedo renderings of their HB Classic Pavé, Jumbo Pavé, and Enamel Paperclip Earrings. The capsule launch comes with its own special surprise, however. A spy thriller of sorts was released alongside the earring.

The film, entitled “Keep it Together,” stars model Martina Boaretto as an agent in a world where paperclips have been outlawed and are sold in secret. The agent attempts to steal a sacred golden paperclip from a secret facility, but ends up losing it in a pile of golden paperclips. It’s a more tongue-in-cheek and comedic addition to this year’s fashion week canon, which has made more concerted efforts to make statements amid our political and economic situation.

You can check out Hillier Bartley’s Tuxedo Paperclip Earring capsule on their website. And you can watch the accompanying short film below:

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For London Fashion Week September 2020, Hillier Bartley are introducing their Tuxedo Paperclip Earring capsule. A long-standing icon of the brand, the range features tuxedo iterations of the HB Classic Pavé, Jumbo Pavé, and Enamel Paperclip Earrings. To celebrate this launch, Hillier Bartley partnered with @pacificpalisades and @josephkreitem to create a short film entitled ‘Keep it Together’ – a tongue-in-cheek look at Hillier Bartley’s iconic (and much contested) paperclip earring. It imagines a future in which paperclips have been outlawed, and the attempt of one agent (@organic_martina), sent from the future, to retrieve The Paperclip from a secret facility. Who owns it? We don’t know. Does it make sense? We don’t care. At the crucial moment, The Paperclip is lost in a pile of fakes, and our hero is left to find the original in a sea of copies, struggling to Keep it Together… Music – @silv.o Grade – @francisqureshi

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