Coachella isn’t just known for its celebration of live music and iconic fashion moments. It’s also known for its exclusive parties. One of these events was H&M’s star-studded pool party, which offered friends of the brand a place to mingle, relax and enjoy the sunshine during the first weekend of the festival. 

The exclusive poolside bash and brunch took place on the second day of Coachella and gave guests the chance to recuperate their energies before heading to the main festival area. Here, H&M also offered unlimited access to their curated dressing suite where partygoers could style themselves in the latest pieces from the H&M Spring/Summer collection, which launched on April 18.

Zoey Deutch, Irina Shayk, Emma Roberts | Photographed by Jojo Korsh / | Courtesy of H&M

Stars like Emma Roberts and Zoey Deutch sported fashion-forward looks from the collection with Roberts wearing a festival-ready fringe dress and Deutch in an oversized linen suit. Other attendees included models Irina Shayk and Edie Rose, as well as Netflix star Victoria Pedretti — each showcasing their own H&M-certified Coachella outfits. 

The event was the perfect way for friends of H&M to celebrate the brand and Coachella, all while looking their very best, as V caught up with Pedretti, Deutch, and Sheensea to chat all things Coachella.

Victoria Pedretti | Photographed by Jojo Korsh / | Courtesy of H&M

V Magazine: How has your experience been at the Sands Hotel with H&M?

Victoria Pedretti: It’s been amazing, it’s a beautiful hotel and H&M has been so hospitable. I’ve been having an incredible time. I’ve met so many wonderful people that are at the event and work at the company. Plus, the clothes are really cool. I’m excited to be here, I feel very blessed. It’s a dream.

V: Who are you excited to see?

VP: Burner Boy, who I saw already. I’m very excited to see Hiatus Coyote. Very excited to see Remi Wolf, who I love. She’s also an amazing person. Joy Crooks is really incredible and Frank Ocean. I’m gonna lose my mind, he hasn’t performed in so many years. 

V: What special projects are you working on right now? 

VP: There are a lot of projects that I’m in talks about that I’m really excited about. I’m also editing my own short that I directed, which I’m very excited about. I’ve had a collaborative relationship with my friend Isabelle Pass since we were in college. She asked me to direct a piece that she developed when we were in school at Carnegie Mellon. And then she wrote this script during the pandemic and we started kind of having talks again of revitalizing that relationship and making it into a film. Then we developed a feature script into a short, but in a way that we’re both pretty stoked about. I got to work with a team of a bunch of amazing people, primarily femme people, which was not on purpose. It just happened and it definitely was a part of cultivating what ended up being a really fruitful, creative environment. It was a cooperative dynamic with open, femme energy. 

V: Let’s talk about your latest appearance on the show, ‘You’, and your experience on working on it over the last few years. 

VP: It has been a great, creative experience. I think primarily working with Penn [Badgley]. I started working on that show when I was 23 years old and he was like a huge guiding light, kind of shepherding me into this industry, which I don’t think he would ever suggest I do. But as somebody who knows that this is what I’m doing, he has a lot of very informed insight that has definitely been very helpful and he’s very encouraging.

V Magazine: So, I’m assuming it’s not your first Coachella.

Zoey Deutch: My millionth. I’m very excited. I went yesterday all day and we’ll be doing the same thing after this. I’ve been coming here since I was about 12 and I’m 28 now, so only missed it because of the pandemic. Before that, I would go to the horse shows on the Indio Polo Fields. So I’ve literally been going to the same field every year of my life, it’s very nostalgic. I love it, it’s a tradition at this point. 

V: Is there anyone you’re most excited to see?

ZD: Well, yesterday Kaytranada and the Chemical Brothers were incredible. Today, Rosalía, Blackpink, Eric Prydz, and Remi Wolf! 

V: YES! So, can we expect more films from you after launching ‘Not Okay’ and ‘Something From Tiffany’s’ last year?

ZD: Well, actually, none of ’em are out, but I have three movies coming up that I’m super, super, super excited about. All very different so I’m thrilled and excited to get back to work and shoot again. I feel very inspired right now.

V: What do you think inspires you the most?

ZD: I think it depends on the day. I think if you’re open to whatever the universe has to show you and if you’re able to look at it, you can find inspiration from anyone and everyone and anything and everything. I’m trying to stay curious and open in my life and find more of that inspiration in the little things versus the kind of big “aha moment” that you wait for. Not waiting for lightning to strike, but surrounding yourself in the lightning bolt is how someone described it. Don’t just stand around waiting for it to hit you, seek it out and surround yourself with things that are going to inspire you and motivate you.

Photographed by Jojo Korsh / | Courtesy of H&M

V Magazine: Is this your first Coachella? 

Shenseea: Performing yes, but last year, I attended as a patron so I got to see what the vibe was like so me going on stage is just something big and something I didn’t see coming this year, it’s just surreal you know?

V: You’ve had collaborations with people like 21 Savage, Meghan Thee Stallion, Calvin Harris, you were nominated for Grammy Awards, the list goes on and on. What was a pivotal moment for you, a moment you knew things were shifting?

S: I would say being on the ‘Donda‘ album and linking up with Calvin Harris. I’ve been a fan of both of them ever since I was a kid so I just kept feeling like, “umm is this real?!”. I’m just happy I got to be a part of it and that those people believed in me, it feels amazing.

V: What inspired you to make the leap into pop?

S: I’ve always wanted to be a pop star. Michael Jackson was my very first inspiration for music. He makes me want to be an artist. When I heard him, I was like I am going to be a pop star one day, I just had to first start out in a way that was more authentic, which is reggae- dancehall being the fact that I’m from Jamaica. So, that’s what I did and now I told myself in the next 5 years, I’m going to make that change after I finish making my mark and representing my country locally.

V: So let’s talk about what inspired the song ‘Curious’ and what it means to you.

S: ‘Curious’ to me is just about being bi-curious. I feel like that world we live in right now, like everybody is, you know, even if you think that you’re straight, you still have some thoughts. Be like, ‘Hmm, I wonder what makes them do that.’ Or ‘Why are they doing that?’ I always wanted to make a song like that.

V: What’s it like as a mother in your genre and in your music? 

S: It’s my favorite thing to do, and I know that people might say that, “oh, you’re singing these types of songs and you have a kid”. But the truth is, I’m still an adult, you know? I feel like people tend to forget that when you become a parent, it’s like you’re supposed to devote your whole entire life to your child. You devote some and you keep some for yourself as an individual. That’s how it’s supposed to go. You have to take that time for yourself and you have to keep your individuality, I think that’s the best way to be a great parent. Owning your style and doing your thing, it can motivate your kid to do the same. To just be themselves, not forcing them into anything. So, I feel like just being a mom and doing what I do, my kid will hear my curse words, but he knows not to say it. For me, words are just words to me. I love to express myself in good words, bad words. I don’t give a sh*t. My son knows that and I just make sure that I’m not just blatantly just saying curse words or whatever.

V: What has the shift to the pop and R&B space been like?

S: It’s been hard but I know what I’m after and I know what I’m going to be. I also know that I just need to jump over these hurdles to get there, it will all pay off; I know it, I see it, ever since I was a kid I’ve seen it so, I’m just going with the flow. I don’t like skipping the algorithm, I want to be rising on a slope, not shooting straight up to the top. I wanna be able to make my mistakes and learn and grow.

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