Holiday Hardware for You Or Someone Special

Who decided the holidays were just for giving to others?

It’s shopping season, more traditionally referred to as “the holiday season.” There’s all this chatter about what to buy your friends, and your family, and your lover, or even your coworker, etc, etc. What about the things you buy yourself? Where’s your treat? Well, we would argue that if diamonds are a girl’s best friend, along with pearls and emeralds and all those fine metals too, then you don’t need a man to buy them for you. Add yourself to that shopping list and take a look at some of the cutest accessories currently on the market.

A Chanel Belt 

Yes it’s a belt, yes she’s wearing it as a necklace. Versatility is so in right now. This pearl laced piece of hardware is a statement no matter where you drape it on your body. Calfskin runs through the belt, surrounded by finely placed gems, all leading to the centerpiece: the iconic Chanel logo. Who said they only do tweed? Shop the look here.

Cartier La Panthère de Cartier Ring

Somewhere in recent fashion history, the myth that you should only don one or two rings was smashed to bits. We’ve all accepted that rings are for stacking and fingers are for adorning. Maximalism reigns once again. If you’re still looking for some signature pieces, Cartier makes these wonderful panthers, available in a wide variety of metals, stones, and sizes. Check out the options here.

Messika Paris Move Ron Necklace 

Parisian born brand Messika offers a sleek piece of jewelry for those who aim to streamline their look. Precious gems are held snugly to the neck in this secure piece of hardware made of white gold. Whether you wear it out on the town, or to an elegant ball, the Move Ron necklace is sure to elevate your attire. Pick it up for yourself here.

Repossi Earrings

These elegant bands and studs from Italian brand Repossi show all the best ways to decorate the ear. Gold and diamonds come together in the most splendid way. As soon as you put one of these delicate pieces on, we guarantee you will want another. Just look at the model here with a whopping seven bands. In our opinion, she could have even snuck on some more. Shop the collection here.

Antifer Earring (18k Pink Gold with diamond pave) Retail $950, Antifer Earring (18k White Gold with diamond pave) Retail $950, Berbere Ear cuff (18k Pink Gold) Retail $2,000, Serti Sur Vide Ear cuff (18k Pink gold with pear shape diamond and diamond pave) Retail $3,500, Serti Sur Vide Ear cuff (18k White gold with pear shaped diamond and diamond pave) Retail $3,600
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