Horror Nourishes the Soul for GCDS Fall/Winter 2022

Giuliano Calzo takes a notorious horror tale, adding spins of sequins and thigh-high boots.

As we know it, “Dracula” is a tale overwhelmed by its bloody gore, fashioned by gothic reds, lace, and coy exposure of necklines. But what if Dracula was pink and glittery? Giuliano Calza reimagines the literary description of fear as a pleasurable experience. In the world of GCDS, horror is sexy and tantalizing. As we know, the label is most known for incorporating fantasy into streetwear, allowing the boundaries to push into an element of glamour. 

Embellished bodysuits, sequined chains, and luminescent suits gave the original dark story a fun element. There was a Victorian influence – Bertha necklines made from bunched latex and brushed, candy pink waist coast, and cummerbunds.  Floral knitwear and balaclavas give a more obvious reference to Bram Stoker’s tale. Yet, the combination of furry monster suits and lingerie matched with a feather-lined train outline that “Dracula” is an erotic yet, bloody story. 

For the full collection, watch the video below:

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