House of Skye’s Sexy Bra Brings Tech Innovation to Women’s Lingerie

For that difficult strappy dress.

CEO and designer of House of Skye fashion house Skye Drynan has many talents. She packs a methodical, precise investor mind, artistic talent, and the calling of a fashion designer. Having excelled on Wall Street, where her analytical skills were instrumental in putting together major biotech investment deals, some denominated in nine-digit figures, she stayed staunchly true to her childhood dream of designing clothes. The desire survived during the fruitful twenty years in the investment world to materialize in a fashion house of her own making after her exit from the world of finance.

House of Skye fashion house is known for its Dulce Bestia, Sexy Back Bra, and BareBack flagship clothes and underwear brands for women and men. Founded in 2016, Skye’s maison couture soon became one of the acclaimed brand names in Hollywood. Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Carrie Underwood, Jared Harris, and many other celebrities wore Skye’s fashion lines on numerous occasions.

What sets Skye Drynan as a fashion designer, apart from others is her unique ability to marry fashion with high tech. The most meaningful discoveries are made where two or several branches of science meet to result in a quantum leap. Her SexyBack Bra is a vivid example of innovation and unity of fashion and function no one before ever thought of. What looks like an intricate web of straps invisibly weaving around a woman’s body is an ingenious contraption whose purpose is to offer ultimate comfort and ease of wear never seen before in the bra department. Armed with the invaluable Wall Street experience, Skye wisely protected her invention with seven patents in over 111 countries, and more pending. Not to burden the reader with a lengthy description of SexyBack bra, its key feature is that its 22 adjustable straps allow the wearer to improvise and make the bra fit under any garment, be it a strappy or a backless dress or any other design—the SexyBack bra will be a perfect fit.

Like a virtuoso who masterfully plays several musical instruments, Skye is an entrepreneur, inventor, CEO, and designer who is the leader of high-tech, high-function, and high-fashion at the same time. With new collections and fashion lines coming from House of Skye, Skye Drynan consolidates her leading edge with every new creation. To check out for new collections and news from House of Skye, visit their website.

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