How A Unicorn Company Is Driving The Next Generation Of Health

Successful vertically integrated companies are hard to come by.

Even rarer are those who are responsible for driving the next turn of the arc in industry evolution. 

That is precisely what the unicorn company House of Macadamias is in the process of doing with their revolutionary new House of Macadamias.  


House Of Macadamias has isolated the superfood nut macadamias- which have unparalleled versatility of product application- and have ingeniously engineered a vertically integrated sourcing-to production- to product formulation to make the superior food source (and its product applications) available to the market at an accessible price-point for the first time ever.

Beyond just the revolutionary Kickstarter, House Of Macadamias plans to build off early support by introducing an entire new genre of products- including nutrition bars, milks, and snacks- to the market that can outcompete with the almond/almond milk genre.

So although the Kickstarter is relatively limited in scope, its implications are simply monumental for the health food industry and the disruption of its product verticals. 

Given this new product vertical will be vegan, keto, and flexitarian- as well as higher performing than any other- if House Of Macadamias is able to keep the price-point accessible, then there’s nothing in theory to stop this unicorn company from changing the game.


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