How Social Advocate Yasmin Tavakoli Combats Media Bias

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This week as world news rages on with topics surrounding Afghanistan, updates on Covid-19, and debates on the vaccine, consumers can find the news practically anywhere. Whether TV, Instagram, Twitter, even TikTok, access to news is rampant. Despite this era in which we now live where information is everywhere, one problem that has developed as a result is the question of whether or not a source can be trusted.

In the last year especially, with so much information being circulated in the headlines, oftentimes, the truth was either misconstrued or blatantly biased. With media companies continuing to air news and information that serves them and their values, watching the news is not as it once was. In wake of the rollercoaster of a year that 2020 was, one up and coming social advocate took a stance after launching her very own discussion panel called Talks with Yasmin where she would examine topics and current events, sharing the truth behind them. Yasmin Tavakoli of Los Angeles launched the series last March in light of the news frenzy that surrounded covid-19 at the onset, taking time to interview prominent figures in society like politicians, doctors, lawyers, city officials and social activists. As so much of the news has become sensationalism, media biased and even censored, Tavakoli set out to offer a clear and comprehensive platform for her audience to turn to. 

“Through these ongoing conversations, I urge my followers to open their minds to different perspectives,” Tavakoli says. “I like to bring forth the truth and perspective and furthermore, I hope these discussions encourage people to do their own research to become informed and aware.” 

Unlike many other commentators and platforms, Tavakoli makes a point to give both sides of every topic a fair opportunity to be represented and expressed. With no bias, the social advocate gives her audience a fair and equal discussion platform. After seeing the effects and damage of what media bias can do, Tavakoli now hopes that her series will serve as a vehicle to help other people stay informed and be wary of propaganda and biased news. 

Since her start more than a year ago, Tavakoli has developed the series into a podcast which is now available on Spotify. As world news continues to ebb and flow, she looks forward to covering a wide range of topics, giving her audience something to look forward to with fair and equal discussion. To learn more about Yasmin Tavakoli and to watch Talks with Yasmin, find her on Instagram or check out her podcast on Spotify.

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