How to Take Action for Beirut

How to Take Action for Beirut


How to Take Action for Beirut

The Notre Dame Cathedral raised hundreds of millions of dollars in days. Let’s do the same for Beirut.

The Notre Dame Cathedral raised hundreds of millions of dollars in days. Let’s do the same for Beirut.

Text: Dante Silva

Nearly a week ago, an explosion in Beirut led to crisis, leaving thousands affected. The disaster is one of the worst of its kind since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and comes at a particularly unfortunate time. Lebanon’s hospitals have already been overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients, and recently exacerbated economic conditions have left nearly a third of the nation’s residents below the poverty level. Many have little to no source of refuge, and turn to outside sources for essential goods and services. 

This is, of course, not to normalize tragedy in the Middle East: the international media certainly has a role in making violence seem commonplace in the region, a role we hope to steer away from. The following list is a stance in solidarity with the Lebanese people and offers a chance for us all to take action. It's by no means exhaustive—be sure to listen to and amplify the voices of those in Lebanon in addition to donating.

Lebanese Food Bank

The Lebanese Food Bank feeds the elderly, those with disabilities, orphans, single mothers, and people with chronic diseases (among others). Donate here

Beit el Baraka

The organization Beit el Baraka provides aid to Lebanese families and retirees, ensuring access to adequate housing despite the rising cost of living. They’ve recently added new team members to ensure emergency home rehabilitation for those most directly impacted, and are committed to rebuilding around the Beirut harbour. They’re also working to provide psychological care for adults and children. 

Matbakh el Balad

Matbakh el Balad provides direct support to families with over five members, offering nutrients and other essentials. Donate here.

Impact Lebanon

Impact Lebanon is an incubator for Lebanese people worldwide, working towards disaster relief efforts. They note the need to #TalkAboutLebanon, and to address the government corruption which led to the explosion. Help them take action here.

Rebuilding Beirut With Pride

There’s a need to support the queer/trans scene in Beirut, disproportionately affected by the explosion. “Rebuilding Beirut with Pride will be hosted at the Bell Pub in Whitechapel, and live-streamed all night for everyone to watch and take part in. From an art auction to a programme of performance, we want to celebrate Arab and queer art and talent and help rebuild our hometown in the process. Click here to buy your tickets for the event.


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