In 1961, Ken strutted into our lives as Barbie’s charming beau, making waves with his iconic red swimming trunks and cool matching slides. Right from the start, Mattel knew Ken deserved a wardrobe that could rival Barbie’s in style and sophistication. From timeless classics to cutting-edge trends, Ken’s got it all. But the kicker is that Ken is not just eye candy; he’s an outright fashion icon.

As we celebrate the release of the much-anticipated ‘Barbie’ movie arriving this weekend, which promises to bring our beloved characters to life like never before, the excitement surrounding this cinematic masterpiece is immeasurable. As the trailers teased us with glimpses of their vibrant, fashion-forward outfits, it’s crystal clear that Barbie and Ken’s signature styles are front and center. From Margot Robbie’s charisma as Barbie to Ryan Gosling’s undeniable charm as Ken, these actors are bringing our beloved dolls to life like never before. With their mesmerizing chemistry and impeccable fashion sense, there’s no doubt that Barbie and Ken are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime – and they’re doing it in style!

TORONTO, ONTARIO – JUNE 28: Ryan Gosling attends “Barbie” Canadian Press Day on June 28, 2023 in Toronto, Ontario. (Photo by Mathew Tsang/Getty Images)

As #Barbiecore continues to conquer TikTok and fashion trends worldwide, it’s time we celebrate Ken’s distinct fashion aesthetic and showcase that he is so much more than just Ken. So without further ado, if you’re looking to mimic a wardrobe worthy of #Kencore or simply looking for something to embrace your inner #Kenergy at the movie theaters this weekend, this shopping guide will certainly do the trick.

ZARA x Barbie™ Colorblock Matching Jeans ($69.90) & Vest ($49.90) Set

As a part of many ongoing collaborations between different brands and Barbie, Zara has unveiled a limited-edition capsule for all the Barbies and Kens out there. And one of the more iconic looks out of this collection is a color block, matching denim set made to resemble the one Gosling and Robbie wear together. A denim cowboy look is just the right amount of bold that’ll have you feeling like Ken in no time.

Gap x Barbie™ Adult Arch Logo T-Shirt ($39.95)

Courtesy of Gap

What better way to unleash your inner Ken than with this “Ken” logo t-shirt in the signature Barbie pink? Pair this tee with a pair of board shorts or a denim vest, and you’ll have yourself a basic Ken look.

Banana Republic 7″ Linen-Cotton Short ($42)

Now, it would be absolutely criminal if we didn’t include a pair of shorts that sit just above the knee for this Ken guide. A quintessential Ken piece if we ever saw one.

Gap x Barbie™ Adult Recycled Satin Scarf ($29.95)

Courtesy of Gap

Ken knows how to rock his iconic neckerchiefs with flair. These snazzy accessories are a part of his style trademark, adding a playful twist to every outfit he wears. Be it a laid-back look or a fancy affair, the neckerchief never fails to steal the show.

Ray-Ban Aviator Classics ($171)

Courtesy of Ray Bans

These sunglasses and Ken have one fantastic thing in common: timelessness. Ken, the king of accessories, knows how to pair outfits with the perfect add-ons that truly make an outfit.

Zara x Barbie Canvas High Tops ($45.90)

Courtesy of Zara

You can never go wrong with white sneakers! These monochromatic, high-top sneakers pair well with any outfit Ken pulls off.

Aesop Double-Edge Razor ($105)

Courtesy of Aesop

While Ken undoubtedly stands as a fashion-forward icon, he also takes grooming incredibly seriously. His impeccable sense of style is not limited to his clothing choices alone; it extends to his well-groomed appearance. From perfectly coiffed hair to a flawlessly trimmed beard, he exemplifies the art of grooming.

Moon x Barbie™ Pink Electric Toothbrush ($80)

Courtesy of Moon

Achieve a smile as stunning as Ken’s with the Moon Pink Electric Toothbrush kit. Not only will it keep your teeth clean, but it will also brighten your pearly whites, giving you the confidence to show off your best smile.

Keihl’s Facial Fuel Daily Energizing Moisture Treatment for Men ($30-$45)

Courtesy of Kiehl

For doll-like skin texture and smooth skin, Kiehl’s moisture treatment for men will do the trick. Made for all kinds of skin types, it provides antioxidant protection to soften and hydrate the skin.

Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush ($34)

Courtesy of Aveda

For hair like Ken’s, a hairbrush that’s easy for detangling and reduces stress on hair is an absolute must. Made for smooth, straight styles, this can help achieve perfectly groomed hair.


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With your newfound style and grooming finesse, channeling your inner Ken is just around the corner! Get ready to exude confidence and charm as you rock the Ken look with ease.

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