How Twitter Reacted To ‘The White Lotus’ Season Two Finale

SPOILER ALERT! Here’s how Twitter took the season finale

HBO’s hit show, The White Lotus just wrapped up season two. The luxury hotel-based anthology series closed with a suspenseful, satirical, and show-stopping finale that perfectly encapsulated why viewers are so obsessed with a show that is seemingly about nothing.

This season followed a group of guests at the fictitious White Lotus resort in Sicily, Italy, as they try to make the best of their stay despite the cheating, relationship drama, scammers, and mysterious death. Which, was teased in the first episode and finally revealed in the finale.

Beyond the American guests staying at the resort. The show also follows the Italian workers that run the property, two high-end Italian sex workers, and a mysterious group of gay men swooning over Tanya, played by Jennifer Coolidge, luring her into a trap set up by her husband.

The final episode saw, spoiler alert, Ethan confronting and fighting Cameron for trying to sleep with his wife, Albie tricking his father into giving him 50 grand to pay off Lucia’s debt to her boss, and, the moment the show has been leading up to, saw the mysterious group of gay men finally reveal their interest in Tanya which ultimately lead to her death.

The interest, however, wasn’t really an interest at all. It was actually a trap set up by Tanya’s husband to quietly kill her so he could receive all of her money and get rid of her, which wouldn’t be possible through a divorce.

With all that said, V compiled some of our favorite posts, reactions, and memes from Twitter showcasing the best moments from this whirlwind of a season and how fans perceived some of the funniest scenes in the show.

Tanya being Tanya.

Peppa Pig.

Gaslight. Gatekeep. Girlboss.

Tanya’s final moments.

Gen Z’s most accurate representation to date.

What Greg was probably thinking.

Long live the queens.

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