How West Coast Customs Built Justin Bieber’s “Uriel” Rolls Royce

Today in “Passion Projects of the Extremely Wealthy.”

What do you do when Rolls Royce won’t sell you their original 103EX Vision 100 prototype? If you’re Justin Bieber, you create a custom model. Bieber’s new custom Rolls Royce Wraith took three years (yes, really) to build, and it’s finally arrived.

Bieber with “The Uriel” Rolls Royce. Copyright BACKGRID.

The car takes inspiration from the prototype Bieber originally sought, but unlike the prototype, it is actually drivable. Designers at West Coast Customs asked, “What would Rolls Royce build 25 years from now?” The resulting car, which founder and CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus calls “The Uriel,” is sleek and futuristic. Wheel covers give the illusion that the car is floating instead of driving and cause onlookers to do a double-take.

West Coast Customs has released a video documenting the entire process of creating this custom vehicle, including the grand reveal to their satisfied client. Bieber appears overcome with enthusiasm, and who wouldn’t be? With two-tone leather that matches the silver and gray exterior and an audio system “just like the studio,” this car is perfectly suited to the unique and luxurious lifestyle of its owner.

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