Hugo Boss and Russell Athletic Bring the Energy!

The capsule collab features a high-low blend of athletic fashion

Hugo Boss and Russell Athletic team up to form one undefeatable all-stars squad with their new Boss x Russell Athletic capsule. The collection is a retro-inspired, sporty, and comfortable take on casual athletic wear, mixed in with a few casual suits and trenches to add some formal flair.

The premiere of the collection was celebrated with a launch party and basketball-inspired film that features an all-star cast of talent. The film shows a (frankly huge) team of basketball players returning to the locker room after a winning game and donning their Boss x Russell Athletic gear. The video features the likes of Bella Hadid, Precious Lee, Keith Powers, Ashley Graham, Lucky Blue Smith, and Taylor Hill among several others, hyping up each person who comes forward to celebrate and show off their outfits.

The spirit of the collection is in the celebration of teamwork while uplifting each individual and embracing their own styles. The capsule features a range of picks for every person’s tastes, including athletic shorts, trenches, button downs, sweats, caps, and whatever else you could ask for from a luxurious athleisure closet. The palettes are also in largely softer tones like dusty pink, satsuma, and baby blue, while throwing in some deeper blues, greys, and whites.

The capsule prides comfort above all, while still allowing it to reflect a distinct sense of style and fashion. You could rock out at home with it just as easily as you could take it down to the high streets. It’s a mixture of high-low fashion between the two big names that creates this blend of fashions. 

Check out the Boss x Russell Athletic capsule collection on the Hugo Boss website. And watch the launch film below, soundtracked by House of Pain’s party-pumping “Jump Around”:


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