HUGO Released a David Bowie-Inspired Capsule Collection

The German fashion label celebrates the rock legend’s life as a musician.

German luxury fashion house HUGO just dropped a sleek capsule collection that pays homage to one of pop culture’s most legendary icons: David Bowie. The celebratory range, titled “HUGO Loves Bowie”, combines unique essentials with statement accessories, providing for an array of pieces that feature the rock star’s album covers and identifiable motifs. It’s every superfan’s high-fashion dream. 

“David Bowie was rebel spirit who lived life on his own terms,” Senior Head of Design at Hugo Menswear Bart de Backer explained. “This capsule is an opportunity for us to celebrate the impact he had on the world and the values that we share.”

Referencing Bowie’s 1977-2979 “Berlin Trilogy”, an extensive composition inspired by the German Capital, t-shirts and accessories boast the original slogan used to promote the album: “Tomorrow belongs to those who hear it coming”. A sure hit for the rock star’s fan club, each Bowie-inspired design tastefully celebrates his years of incredible artistry in an elevated, high-fashion piece. 

Below, indulge in the full “HUGO Loves Bowie” collection.

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