HYKE Combines Simplicity and Utility into Moncler Genius 2021

Find peace of mind in 4 MONCLER HYKE collection

While playful cuts and bright color palettes are the major tone in the post-pandemic season, HYKE still insists on minimalism and simplicity for the Moncler Genius collection. The result is far from being boring – we can never resist the concept of “less is more.”

Since HYKE’s launch in 2013, Hideaki Yoshihara and Yukiko Ode’s understated and refined aesthetic has turned HYKE into a cult Japanese brand. Their design, mingling vintage and historical uniforms with current lifestyles, redefines the definition of uniform. The clear, utilitarian style and functionality are unquestionably aligned with the spirits of Moncler. 

For the 4 MONCLER HYKE collection, simplicity is the main element. Inspired by Moncler’s 1960 Lionel Terray down coat and vintage uniform clothing, HYKE was able to add its signature sleek and pared-down silhouettes, creating a unique and utilitarian collection of winter wear. 

Moncler’s advanced technical fabrics and sewing techniques render more functional significance to the innovation and artistry of the design. In a color palette of navy and taupe, parkas with detachable linings, puffers, hooded parkas, collarless coats highlight pure and streamlined lines. Teddy fleeces, layered pants, ribbed cardigans, even beanies and padded boots, they all deliver a metropolitan, pragmatic and uniform-infused spirit. The monochromatic color tones, unnoticeable logos and clear cuts are the tranquility we need in winter.

You can discover the new collection 4 Moncler HYKE at moncler.com on September 28th and in stores from October 5th.


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