I Can’t Stop Thinking About the American Horror Story Season 9 Teaser

The latest trailer AHS:1984 just dropped and it looks scary AF!

Despite the very obvious nod to ’80s slasher movies, much is still yet to be revealed about season 9 of Ryan Murphy’s hit TV franchise, American Horror Story. The most recent trailer shows a group of teens driving to a lake for an afternoon of fun—the perfect setting for a gruesome crime. Drinking and swimming ensue at the fete while one floats in a boat gazing up at the sky. Out of nowhere, a crazed slasher appears from below with machete in hand and strikes.

AHS: 1984 stars Emma Roberts, Gus Kenworthy, and Billie Lourd. In a shocking twist, AHS series regular Evan Peters will not be making an appearance this round and Sarah Paulson will play a supporting role, as opposed to a leading one.

It’s confirmed that Season 9 will be a throwback to slasher movies popular in the ’80s and ’90s (think Friday the 13th and Scream). One of the things that Ryan Murphy gets so right season-to-season is period costumes, so we’re expecting the looks to be on point.

The same goes for the soundtrack. Murphy curates the perfect playlist for his fiction. As seen with Scream Queens season 1, it’s tailored to perfection. The new trailer ends with ‘“Suddenly Last Summer” playing by The Motels.

Check out the terrifying trailer for AHS season 9 below.

American Horror Story: 1984 premieres in the US September 18th

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