I Worked Out in Ultracor’s Performance-Enhancing Legging and This Is What Happened

This is not your average activewear.

 If you’re anything like me, you’re probably obsessed with the latest and greatest in the health and fitness space—whether it be a “revolutionary” diet or a workout that promises a J. Lo-esque booty—I’m always on the hunt for that new-new. When I heard about a performance-enhancing legging, which essentially helps burn more calories (what!), I had to get my hands on this miracle. Ultracor, a high-end and high-performance women’s athleisure line that puts equal weight on fashion and function, just released what can only be referred to as the “ultimate legging,” aka the Hypersonic Legging. Created with innovative technology that was inspired by the compression technology used in professional cycling, and by world-class athletes, this legging is the very first of its kind.

     While the initial appeal of the style was its functionality, I was pleasantly surprised that my appearance did not have to suffer to make my workout “better.” The sleek design of the Hypersonic Legging pays homage to the company’s geometric and modern logo, while delivering a cool futuristic design that flatters every curve. Since the legging utilizes a unique patented technology, which was inspired by professional cycling apparel, I decided to test out their effects during a full-on fitness day of trail running followed by Pilates. By applying compression technology and elements used for cycling gear to the efficiency and performance of 360-degree movement, the legging emphasizes every body part and muscle group, to improve performance.

     During the run I felt like I was faster…and more agile—as if my muscles were optimized, allowing for a longer sprint. The same went for my Pilates class. It was as if every movement, every stretch came more easily, which is due to the “perceived exertion” benefit that such compression offers. The unique technology works to prevent muscle strains and even pulls—which as we all know can be the ultimate hindrance to a productive workout—by keeping the muscle groups activated through constant compression and release. The legging is also designed to increase the amount of oxygen that muscles receive, which promotes blood flow and improves oxygenation of the muscle tissue, enhancing athletic performance during short bouts of exercise—perfect for Pilates. Additionally, the style stayed put regardless of whether I was running, doing leg circles, or squats on the reformer.

However, the real magic came after the workout, during the recovery process, which seemed to be cut down, specifically the reduction in muscle soreness. Given that I’ve experienced a few pulls in my day, due to my sometimes-overzealous manner, the fact that this legging helps curb the chances of sports-related injuries gave me much-needed peace of mind. In essence, the technology used for the Hypersonic Legging not only optimized the garment, but even me—the wearer. Whether you’re biking, doing yoga, or lifting weights, this legging is a must-buy for anyone and everyone looking to take their fitness game to the next level. The Hypersonic line officially launches on Ultracor’s website on November 10th, so head over now and pre-order the next evolution in activewear.

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