Iceberg’s Take On Snow White for FW19

James Long takes the brand down a dark Disney route with the latest collection

“We imagined Snow White going a bit wild after eating the apple,” said creative director of Iceberg, James Long. The sport meets fashion brand was one of the first leading voices in merging the two forms of dress into what is now referred to as athleisure wear. And at Milan Fashion Week this year, Long followed that tradition by continuing to push the rules of sportswear and writing new ones along the way.

Knee high and lace-up boots were worn with bike shorts, windbreakers, and bomber jackets with a print that conjures up imagery of the 80s and carpets, such as the one the models were walking on. Blazers with sweatpants, dangling earrings, thick belts and chains along with the stark all-white outfits are a clear example that although the foundation of these looks belong to the work-out section, Iceberg is deliberately breaking out of that mould- and trying to confuse you.

The finale pieces did just that and more. Long saved all of the color and Snow White logos until the end. Sweaters with The Evil Queen’s face printed on and Grumpy acted as an introduction to the second phase of the show, which was full of vinyl red tracksuits, pink trenchcoats, sweaters, and two-pieces. Punk mixed with sports suits Iceberg well.

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