ICECREAM’s Fall Collection is All About the ’90s

Pharrell Williams’ clothing brand takes a took back at skate culture.

Bright colors are in for ICECREAM‘s new Fall collection. The bright greens, yellows, and oranges are indicative of the flags of African countries, as well as the pan-African flag. The Black-owned brand puts a westernized take on streetwear with inspiration drawn from black culture.

ICECREAM, which is part of Pharrell Williams’ fashion company, Billionaire Boys Club, focuses on streetwear. The new fall collection draws inspiration from the skate culture of the 1990s. They include nylon shorts, jersey tees, and psychedelic designs as a reference to today’s streetwear’s root in skate culture.

The cargo pants and full zip hoodies that cover the face are reemergences of the similar garments that went out of style two decades ago. The collection also includes several bomber jackets, which have gone in and out of style in the ’70s, ’80s, and 2000s.

The goal of the collection is to be utilitarian, which can be seen in their hoodies, flannels, and graphic tees. Functionality was the central focus in creating these garments. What is the point of having skateboarding close that no one can skate it?

The collection is indicative of the larger trend this fall of returning to skate culture. As people crave garments with utility after the past year of being stuck inside, ICECREAM and other design houses have looked to skateboarding as the intersection between comfort and style.

ICECREAM’s fall collection is high-end casual. It includes the kind of garments that will be copied and appear in an H&M six months from now. But the brand does casualness with quality and expertise.

The new collection features THOTO, a rapper based in Harlem who is signed to A$AP Rocky’s record label, and Dandy, a New York-based designer. The looks were shot by Shadi and styled by Walter Harvin. THOTO and Dandy can be seen with skateboards and dawned in tie-dye hoodies and straight-leg jeans.


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