Icona Pop and Sofi Tukker Drop Music Video for “Spa”

Featuring Mia Khalifa and Jordan Firstman, the music video is the epitome of self care and relaxation.

Swedish electropop duo Icona Pop is back with a music video for their latest banger “Spa” with Sofi Tukker, and it’s equal parts hilarious, risqué and infectiously catchy.

The video for the Record Company Ten/Ultra Music hit was unveiled yesterday with cameos by Internet superstar and activist Mia Khalifa and writer and comedian Jordan Firstman. Directed by Lauren Dunn, it’s giddy and provocative and over the top, sparking a certain giddiness and silliness in the form of Icona Pop’s signature fun, electric beats and playfully melodramatic visuals.

“If we had to be stuck in a room with four other people, it would be Aino, Caroline, Jordan Firstman, and Mia Khalifa,” said Sofi Tukker, the American musical duo consisting of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern. “That is also the group of people we’d want to be at a Spa with. That is also the group of people in the ‘Spa’ video, and we couldn’t be happier about it. It is totally ridiculous and over the tio, like the song—on steroids. And it makes us smile every time we watch it. We hope it makes other people smile too—and maybe indulge in some self-care while they’re at it.”

Self-care is the theme of the song, whether it be in the form of an actual trip to the spa or a steamier session in the sauna. The video is the epitome of a good time—champagne flutes and fresh strawberries, diamond-studded shades and a relaxation sesh by the pool surrounded by some of the coolest people you know.

The unadulterated banger from the iconic collaboration of the two duos comes hot on the trail of Icona Pop’s most recent collabs, including “Right Time” with Australian producer and songwriter Hayden James, and “I Love My Friends” with Steve Aoki, the lead single off his recent album Neon Future IV. Since their 2013 full-length debut, Icona Pop has put out hit after hit, garnering critical acclaim from Pitchfork and Rolling Stone and canvassing the globe on multiple world tours, including sold-out shows with Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and One Direction. 

“There’s nothing like making a song with friends we love and admire,” said Sofi Tukker. The American duo has been hailed for their genre-defying electronic beats, making music on the themes of liberation and self-empowerment. 

“We had so much fun in the studio with Icona Pop making this track. We hope people can feel the joy and giddiness and ridiculousness that we all felt while making it. Even though we miss the club now more than ever, there’s also never been such an important time for self-care. Put some cuces on your eyes.”

“Spa” is available to stream everywhere now. Watch the official music video here.

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