Icona Pop is back with another single that is destined to take the dancefloor by storm with “Shit We Do For Love.” Featuring rising Swedish musician and longtime collaborator, Yaeger, the song’s booming and infectious techno beat starts from the moment you press play. 

It’s clear that the song stems from a light-hearted look into the rearview mirror following a period of yearning, reflecting upon the all-consuming craziness that a crush never fails to awake within a hopeless romantic. This reflection unfolds over a 90’s rave-scene inspired production that is equal parts nostalgic as it is modern.

“This one is so fresh, we literally took it from the studio session and gave it to the label to release and asked them to move everything else,” explained Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo on the creation of the track. “We were in the studio together with our friend and writing partner Hanna Yaeger talking about the craziest stuff we’ve ever done for love, we all had so many fun crazy stories. It just came together in a way that felt so current and urgent we had to release it straight away.”

“Shit We Do for Love” comes on the heels of singles “Faster” and “I Want You,” which have primed the canvas for the duo’s upcoming sophomore album. The three singles that have been released so far show a passionate desire from Icona Pop to create sonically-riveting music, with thumping sounds that are impossible to ignore.

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