Iconic Moments And Lines From The Original Gossip Girl Series That’ll Make You Nostalgic

Let’s just say Blair Waldorf takes the cake for most iconic moments, as Queen B should.

The show that taught us how With the premiere of HBO Max’s new Gossip Girl series here, let’s take a minute to remember some iconic moments from the original series.

Blair Waldorf’s Iconic One-Liners:

Let’s just say Gossip Girl wouldn’t have been iconic without Blair Waldorf. Without a doubt, Blair had the best lines throughout the series. She embodied mean girl status like no other and always had just the right comeback for any situation.

Personally, I think Blair is the best character on this show. Not because her and Chuck’s tumultuous relationship became the heart of the plot, but because she had class and, at the end of the day, she had her friend’s backs. She had her moments where you hated her and her actions, but she grew from them (even if she still remained a “bitch”.) In the end she did learn that blackmailing wasn’t the answer to every problem and built a successful empire for herself.

Despite her flaws Blair always had some good advice.

Credit: The CW

The “Will they/ won’t they” Love Triangles: 

Okay so obviously Chuck and Blair stole the show’s spotlight for favorite couple; however, their romantic storyline — along with Dan and Serena — follows the same rollercoaster pattern.

I mean, come on, these two had us going back and forth since season one, episode 17 in the back of that limo.

Look, when I was 12 years old watching this show for the first time I loved Chuck Bass. I wanted a relationship like Chuck and Blair because I thought that is what real love looked like. Sure Chuck traded Blair for a hotel, cheated on her and both of them played emotional hop-scotch with each other for five seasons, but it was true love! Though Chuck and Blair had their moments of beautiful love (enough to make us all forget about the other torturous elements of their “on-again-off-again” relationship) and I think we all would have been pissed had it ended any other way than them finally getting married.

Oh, Dan. Dan, Dan, Dan. I loved him and Serena together at first, but again with the back-and-forth and manipulation after manipulation in this relationship.

Created initially as a seeming moral center for the show, only to become lost in the world he thought he was so much better than. Initially presented as the innocent and sweet “Lonely Boy”, Dan grew to be just as manipulative (if not doubly more so) as the rest of the characters.

Source: (http://www.fanforum.com/f268/matthew-settle-rufus-humphrey-6-because-no-matter-how-old-he-hes-still-sexy-63002285/)

Anyone else root for Rufus & Lily? I always thought they should end up together. When Lily chose Bart (again) over Rufus, that was my last straw.

In conclusion, the writers of these relationships should pay for my therapy.

Chuck Bass being Chuck Bass:

And just some other iconic moments…

Okay, I know I’m not alone on this one but we need justice for Eric Van Der Woodsen. His character was arguably one of the best in the whole show and had so much potential only to be terribly underwritten. Shame.

Georgina Sparks was and is the perfect villain. Every time she showed up on screen you knew things were going to get messy.

Nate saying what we ALL were thinking in that series finale.

We should have known then, but the writers always had us thinking Nate was totally clueless. He definitely turned out to be the least problematic of all the characters — “Saint Nate” who never sent in one tip to “Gossip Girl”. Also, the fact that this scene was a dead giveaway in season two and we didn’t pick up on it?

Overall, nothing new will ever be as iconic as the original, but there is always room for improvement and new plots.



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