Iconic Musicians from the Pages and Covers of V

Iconic Musicians from the Pages and Covers of V

Text: Julian Wright

From Janet Jackson to Dua Lipa, V have seen some legends grace our issues. To herald in the coming of our upcoming Music Issue, V celebrate the icons and emerging talents that have made us what V are, whether it be Beyoncé's first solo fashion cover or Janet Jackson by Jean-Paul Goude.

Click through the slideshow below to see some of our greatest musical moments.

Dua Lipa by Testino (V113, Summer 2018) Dua Lipa was the hottest pop star to come out of 2017. Straight off of her mainstream debut with “New Rules,” it seemed as though Dua had the Midas touch of pop music. She proved she was more than just a one-hit wonder with “One Kiss,” her collaboration with super-producer Calvin Harris that went #1 in the UK. In Summer 2018, Dua solidified her power as an artist and the new shining star showed no signs of fizzling out. Another #1 (with “Electricity”) and two Grammys later, Dua is still showing us that spark V saw in her at the time of her cover.


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