Iconic Voguers Take The Spotlight in Equinox’s “Life’s A Ball” Campaign

Another day, another pride month campaign – this time at the hands of Equinox, whose video celebrates the House Ballroom Community.

Equinox is among the latest in a slew of companies releasing campaigns honoring pride month, but this one is not likely to get lost among the many others.

The boutique fitness group dropped a one-minute video, directed by Sammy Rawal and choreographed by Tanisha Scott, as part of their appropriately titled “Life’s A Ball” campaign. The clip features some of New York’s most decorated members of the House Ballroom Community. Trans voguers Legendary Veronica Miyake Mugler, Legendary Chyna Prodigy, Legendary Asia Balenciaga, Legendary Tamiyah Miyake Mugler, the Icon Sinia Alaia, the Icon Leiomy Maldonado and up-and-coming Legendary Tati Finesse star in the video. Their titles – “icon” and “legendary” – denote the years of training and devotion put into their craft.

Fierce and fast-paced, the video is everything you could expect from a high-performance company and is only amplified by the splashy getups and isolated movements of the dancers.

“Voguing is a place where I can release so much,” the Icon Sinia Alaia said in a statement. “I kind of let all my issues out through Vogue. For me, it is a release of stress and the hardships I’ve dealt with in life.”

pride month
The Icon Sinia Alaia vogues for the camera in celebration of pride month.

This sentiment is one that House Lives Matter (HLM) aims to foster in its community of sexual and gender minority people of color. The “Life’s A Ball” campaign benefits the organization, marking HLM’s first ever brand partnership.

More than just a form of self-expression, voguing requires a great deal of both strength and finesse, making Equinox an intuitive partner for HLM.

“For us, Vogue is not a science,” the Icon and executive producer Jack Mizrahi says. “It’s a dance that is conditioning your body at the same time, and now, more than ever before, fitness is a required part of the performance.”

The campaign will celebrate the start of pride month with an Equinox Voguing Master Class in New York (June 8th) and Miami (June 9th). The NYC event will be led by the Icon Pony Zion and other campaign stars. All NYC ticket proceeds, as well as an additional dollar for every social post using #PoweredbyPride during the month of June, will go to HLM.

Watch the full video for “Life’s A Ball” below.

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