Imitation of Christ FW21 Is A Heartfelt Tribute To Covid Losses

Designer Tara Subkoff turns her personal sorrows into art with her latest collection.

Whether its personal or from the hundreds of news stories covering the devastating toll of Covid-19, everyone has been touched by death this past year. Imitation of Christ designer Tara Subkoff turns her own tragic loss of a dear friend into a celebration of life with her new collection.

“We are all suffering tremendously as a result of losing loved ones due to COVID, isolation and the loss and break down of our businesses and community,” said Subkoff. “I haven’t seen my family now in over a year and some of my closest friends. I myself suffered from Covid-19 and it was extremely painful and scary. I think I am one of the lucky ones to have survived this deadly virus. But again have been hit hard with the realization that life is extremely short… as long as it feels sometimes. The collection is a mixture of both the beauty in the darkness. The complexity of trying to appreciate these moments even while we are having such a hard time.”

Pieces from Imitation of Christ’s installment revolve around themes of mortality and the precious, ephemeral nature of life. Standouts included a sheer skirt with a gradient of embroidered flora, a monochromatic lavender utility jumpsuit paired with lacy chandelier necklaces, and a daring low-backed in sparkling silver. An intricate floral poncho appeared more vibrant styled atop black clothing, and a model emulated a flamenco dancer in a full-skirted red ensemble. The collection is made of entirely upcycled materials, giving a whole new meaning to the concept of rebirth.


The collection’s video component starts with clips of a 3-D generated beating heart, blooming with pulsating flowers as models pose in front of it. For the film’s finale, the heart bursts into flowers, an analogy for the circle of life and beauty amidst tragedy.

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