The Impossible Project's New Project

The Impossible Project's New Project

An exciting new project from the company keeping instant photography alive

An exciting new project from the company keeping instant photography alive

Text: Grace Walker

Impossible Project, a pioneer in recapturing the charm of the analog camera, have just announced yet another exciting photography venture. With the backing of talented creatives like Jack White, Anthony Vaccarello, Ellen von Unwerth, and more, the innovative "Project 8" aims to evolve into "the world’s largest photo sharing system."

The concept behind the project is fairly simple. Using Impossible Project’s first analog instant camera, the I-1, industry renowned photographers, musicians, designers, artists, and you(!) unite to produce photos that match 1 of 8 creative briefs.  The detailed instructions are as follows:

1)Take an I-1 Instant Camera and make an instant photo that responds to one of the 8 briefs provided.

2)Send your photo to Impossible Project by July 2nd, using the free post envelope in the I-1 box.

3)Each photo that received will join a global gallery exhibition at the end of the Project, where the images will be featured alongside those of the original Project 8 Makers.

4)After the exhibition, Impossible Project will swap all photos between everyone who took part, including you!

Despite having only just launched, Project 8 is quickly building up momentum thanks to an eccentric array of submissions—all varying in color and composition. And in the art's inclusive spirit, professionals and amateurs alike are encouraged to take part.

To find out more about contributing your own creative print, head to the Impossible Project website, here. Happy snapping.

Photography Ellen von Unwerth
Photography Anthony Vaccarello
Photography Emily Soto
Photography Bela Borsodi


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