In a Dance of Denim and Decor: Zimmermann Fall 2023

Australian designer Nicky Zimmermann plays with the role of denim in a line of romantic silhouettes.

Feminine fits, floral frills…and jeans? Known for their whimsical and, dare I say, coquettish designs, Australian label Zimmermann is adding a spin to its identity with a venture into the world of denim for their second ever show at Paris Fashion Week. 

Here, their signature dresses, adorned in ornate lace and delicate ruffles, are counterbalanced by blue jeans, peeking out from underneath the gauzy layers. Denim maxi skirts sweep the floor and the Canadian tuxedo meets translucent black undergarments. 

However, this isn’t your regular old Levi’s collection. This is a deluxe, gala-ready fusion of dressing up — and down.

A deliciously fluffy cream coat buries a lacy white slip dress. A delicate bustier peeps out from a checkered oversized blazer. Cowboy boots click-and-clack beneath a gorgeously elaborate frilled dress. Cozy knitwear and smooth chocolate leather offer pacing between the flounce of romantic silhouettes. Like I said, a deluxe fusion.  

That being said, this is Zimmermann afterall, and there was no shortage of romantic, sometimes over the top, designs. Dazzling impressionist prints and a palette alive with color, allowed for creative director Nicky Zimmermann to remain true to her label’s roots. The use of these impressionist prints came as result of a collaboration with the National Gallery of Victoria, allowing her to adapt the 19th-century work of Australian painter Rupert Bunny. 

Ultimately, this is the Zimmermann of before – feminine, frilly, flouncy – but it has an edge, a touch of spunk, a dash of denim. 


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