In Bloom with Burberry Spring/Summer 2021

Fictional romances and whimsical patterns, set in the beautiful British outdoors.

The broad idea of British summertime bloomed into a refined story for Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Chief Creative Officer, Riccardo Tisci calling his vision, ‘In Bloom’ as it represents regeneration, dynamic youth, the evergrowing and evolving cycle of life. Also deriving from that — most importantly — a symbol that is seen throughout the whole collection: Water.

In Tisci’s words, he “embraced the elements with a trench coat on the beach mixing with the sand and the water. I envisioned the people of this space, like the lighthouse keeper, and a love affair between a mermaid and a shark, set against the ocean, then brought to land.” For the first time ever, Riccardo invited an artist to co-collaborate on the show, creating a fashion show and art experience. Making more sense to the inspiration, as the seasonal collaborator, Anne Imhof brings Tisci’s fictional romance and imagination to life, like the mermaid and the shark.

Set in the beautiful British outdoors, the color palette is illuminated against the green hues of nature. The fresh color of Burberry blue plus bright oranges mixe well amongst highlights of black and white. Some of the pieces bare resemblance to mariners and equestrians with a touch of Tisci’s graphic appeal, such as trench coats, knee-length leather boots, overalls, and rids hats. Other looks build off the continuous idea of water, exemplified through delicate fabrics, such as fishnet, mermaid, and oversized Burberry logos. Contrasting textiles, cut-outs, and extended hems are seen throughout. But noticeably, Burberry’s iconic trench coat has received a graphic, denim, and leather makeover. 

Catch all the whimsical details, below and relive the runway experience on

Courtesy of Burberry.


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