In Conversation With: Carlie Hanson

Carlie Hanson is one to watch

V chatted with one to watch Carlie Hanson about her new single, Daze Inn, inspiration, her goals for 2020, and how she’s coping with social distancing. Read the interview below.

V Magazine: Can you tell us about the inspiration of “Daze Inn” and its video?

Carlie Hanson: My new single “Daze Inn” is inspired by a trip my ex and I took to a Days Inn Motel when we were so over with staying at both our parent’s houses. We wanted it to feel like we had our own place for a weekend. We went to the pool, watched cable TV, ate Wendys, danced, y’know, all that good shit, and made a very sweet memory together. The music video for Daze Inn is a representation of what that memory kind of looked like. The TV show, Euphoria, was a big inspiration for the makeup and vibe of the video. The movie, Enter The Void and [music] artist Asap Rocky were other big inspos.

V: Who is this song for?

CH: At the time I wrote “Daze Inn”, it was purely just meant to be for my girlfriend. But now because of the time we’re in, coronavirus and all, it’s kind of a coincidence that “Daze Inn” is talking about spending time inside with a lover, when that’s exactly what almost everyone in the world is doing right now. Now, this song is for everybody.

V: Who directed it? Can you tell us about the collab?

CH: Serena Reynolds directed the Daze Inn video! My publicist suggested I check her out, so I watched her reel and loved everything about her aesthetic. I thought she would be perfect for the feeling I wanted to capture with this video and she nailed it.

V: What do you hope people get from this song and video?

CH: I hope that people just feel fuckin good when they listen to “Daze Inn” and when they watch the video. It’s a nostalgic type of feeling I get every time I listen. I hope people think of a sweet memory, or just wanna dance in their rooms to it. Most importantly I just hope it brings them some sort of comfort because I know a lot of us are feeling super anxious right now.

V: What’s next after this for your career?

CH: After “Daze Inn” comes out, I’m going to continue dropping more songs that will soon fall into another EP! I’m so excited. I feel really good about this next project. I’ve been writing about real personal shit and I haven’t been holding back on experimenting with new sounds in the studio. I cannot wait for the world to hear what I’ve been working on.

V: Do you have any goals for 2020? What are they?

CH: My main goal for 2020 is to buy my parents a new house. I know it’s a big goal, but it’s something I’m really want to make happen. I just have to keep working and keep dropping more music, baby.

V: How are you feeling/coping with social distancing at this moment?

CH: It hasn’t been awful with social distancing myself, but I definitely do miss my daily routine life and seeing my friends. Thankfully I live with one of my best friends, so that’s a plus, but it sure has been weird not going into the studio like I normally do. I’ve been staying distracted, trying to get better at guitar, journaling everyday, and talking with my fans more. Whoever reads this, I hope you’re doing good out there! We’re all in this together in this weird time in life.

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