In Conversation With LERET LERET

LERET LERET speaks to V Magazine about all things cashmere.

Recently, V Magazine got the chance to speak to siblings Andrea and Edouard Leret, the masterminds behind luxury cashmere sweater brand, LERET LERET about their latest collaboration. The NYC based brand focuses on cashmere sweaters of the highest quality, which are sourced and produced in Mongolia, home of the finest cashmere. The brand collaborated with the artist Angelica Hicks for their newest collection, resulting in a fun sweater and beanie combo that comes in two color variations. The British illustrator has previously designed for Gucci, and her list of clients includes big names like Unilever and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and now, LERET LERET.

V: Why have you chosen to focus so solely on cashmere sweaters?

Growing up, we always wore our parents cashmere. We loved it, but most cashmere sweaters have a tight fit and are plain in color. We saw potential in creating a modern relax fit for all, and when graphics came into the equation, LL was born. This is our homage to the classic cashmere crewneck. We did just release a beanie, part of the Angelica Hicks Intervention. And we are open to slowly integrating other products. But the crewneck will always be the main event.

V: Why Mongolia? How do you mix their traditions for your requirements?

Mongolia is the cashmere epicenter of the world. There is no better cashmere than Mongolian cashmere. Even though cashmere pieces can be manufactured anywhere, the best raw material comes from Mongolia. In order to survive the harsh weather transitions, the Hircus goats, grow a soft duvet or undercoat of remarkably fine and soft fibers masked under a rougher coat of hair. During the milder days of spring, generations of herders skillfully use the combing technique to gently shear the undercoat by hand. We support this century old tradition by manufacturing locally in Mongolia, from the herder to the finished product.

V: How did this concept go from an idea to a reality?

Looking back, it all happened so fast. We were both figuring out our next professional move. Having lived in Asia, we navigate that part of the world pretty well. I believe the conversation about cashmere started in NY a couple of years ago. Once we connected with Mongolia, we were hooked with the whole idea. Finally, we created some samples and from that day we haven’t stopped working one day. We are passionate about our sweaters, and about the platform it gave us to create a community of artists across all disciplines.

V: What is it like working with a sibling? How do you two differ?

We’re kind of amazed at how our relationship has evolved. For good. We’re 2 very different people. Different taste in most things. But we somehow kept meeting in the middle when it came to designing together. Working with family is no day at the beach. But we’re very easy when it comes to moving on, mostly minor details. Our partnership and relationship became the perfect balance for this project. And we’re excited to see how we keep growing professionally and personally together.

V: Can you talk about the sustainability of the brand?

Sustainability is a word people love to throw around these days, specially in the fashion industry. There is no such thing as being completely sustainable in this world. We make sustainable cashmere sweaters. No zippers, no buttons just plain cashmere. We make a very limited amount of each design avoiding excess inventory. We don’t do any sales, selling full price and not marking down products is key to be sustainable. Our sweaters are season less and gender neutral. We focused on perfecting a single product that stands the test of time. Our packaging is recycled cotton. But there is always room to improve, with transportation for example. My point here is sustainability in this industry is really about constant awareness and the ability to improve and adapt at any point. We partnered with GLWD In march because we want to make a difference, an impact and even change the rules. Also, growing up in Venezuela, deep in nature and deeply connected to it, made us environmentally responsible by nature.

V: What goals are you setting for yourself in 2021?

We want to continue helping our fellow New Yorkers to overcome these difficult times. I think it’s very important to come together right now. We hope things get better soon so we can be more active. Making events with our artist based community, creating new jobs and meeting new people. As for the sweaters, we are hoping to release smaller editions. But only time will tell. We are fairly positive though.

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