Independent Art Fair Debuts in NYC

At Cipriani South Street at the Battery Maritime Building, Independent Art Fair New York took the bet to impress, confront, provoke and seduce.

Running from 9th to 12th of September 2021, the Independent presents engaging exhibitions produced by 42 international art galleries staging modern and eye-catching artists.
The art fair is the place where collectors can spot emerging talents and where the public get to discover new artists.

Courtesy Cipriani South Street, New York

For the 11th year, the Independent Art Fair is diving the visitor into a new space, designed to welcome masterpieces, and offering a stunning view over the East River. The architecture is providing an incredible backdrop for artists to get inspired, for gallerists to curate projects and for visitors to experience and discover new contemporary art styles.

Courtesy of Independent

In addition to in-person presentations, Independent Art Fair also launched an online view room for artists to share stories, to give voice to artists we never heard before and to make new connections.

Artist Jameson Green in his Bronx studio with paintings, including Neighborhood Games Pt.2, 2021. Derek Eller Gallery

This year, the artistic program is loaded. Independent is launching a new format to broaden artists’ opportunities to be heard, through interviews, podcasts, artists’ takeovers, presenting their work in their studio, and never-seen-before performances.


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