Indie-Pop Artist Aubrey Haddard Releases New Track “Thin Line”

The singer, songwriter, and guitarist spoke to V about her latest single and music video.

Before winning the 2018 Boston Music Awards for Vocalist of the Year and Singer-Songwriter of the Year, Aubrey Haddard attended Boston’s renowned Berklee College of Music. But her prowess in singing, songwriting, and guitar has proved her studies right; Haddard has since seen critical acclaim and was set for a year of playing festivals around the world.

While those festivals are put on hold until further notice due to the pandemic, Aubrey Haddard is still paving her own path as Friday sees the release of her first new song in two years, titled “Thin Line”.

spoke to Haddard about the new single and video, her time in Boston since she now dwells in Brooklyn, and her plans to release more music this summer.

V Magazine With your new single “Thin Line” out Friday, what are most excited for upon it’s release?

Aubrey Haddard Well any release is exciting but this release feels a little momentous. Besides having been working on this track for a year, it is really a turning point for me. My last release two years ago was this no frills singer-songwriter record and with “Thin Line” I really pushed myself in the opposite direction, more than I ever had before. Embracing this new maximalist, indie pop sound has given us a kind of Northern Star, ushering us into a new phase of evolution, and I’m really excited to share that with the world.

V What were some inspirations for the track? Who are some artists that have shaped or informed your inspiration for your work and overall music taste?

AH On this track specifically there are some weird things going on. When I first wrote the tune my gut kept referencing “Who”, the single from David Byrne and St Vincent, and I feel like it has stayed pretty true to that original vision. Aside from that, The Pretenders come to mind but it’s hard to put your finger on those things in the big picture.

V Did you play any roles in creating the music video? Did you have a certain vision for it?

AH The video was my vision originally. Thankfully, Josh Thomas is an incredibly receptive, creative videographer and really took the original idea and made it into something bigger than itself. Because the lyrics are so straightforward, I wanted to keep it simple and just try to enhance the music. On a long car ride listening to the latest mix I asked myself, “what does this song look like?” And the answer is sort of like “your last 4 brain cells wearing white turtlenecks, rocking out and losing their marbles.”

V Spending a portion of your life in Boston, what are some ways city life plays into your music and creativity? What are your favorite things about the Boston music scene?

AH I am by no means a Bostonian, having grown up in the Hudson Valley and now living in Brooklyn, but in between I was really welcomed and supported by the Boston scene. I love writing in new environments and Boston really took my songwriting to a place where I could take it seriously. I was given the best opportunities of my career and my favorite memories as a musician are as a Boston-based artist. My favorite things would be having sticky shoes after a night at Great Scott, the thrill of being on stage at Paradise and most of all, the warmth of a full room at the Lizard Lounge.

V Despite the pandemic hurting the live music industry with concerts and festivals around the world grinding to a halt for an uncertain future, what do you have planned for the rest of 2020 in terms of your work?

AH Well first off, there are more singles coming out this summer! More videos and new music from me. But I’m incredibly lucky to live with my band and the pandemic has given us an opportunity to really focus. I am, of course, slightly devastated that we are missing what was supposed to be an awesome summer season, but over the last two months we have written some really cool material with a very clear vision and I have to say I am so, so excited about it.

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